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Caen Tours

Caen Tours is something which gives the tourists the pleasure of exploring one of the most important historical heritages of the world. Caen is a perfect place to be, for people who enjoy touring around with a knack to know more about the traditional and the existing culture of a place.
Caen Tours
Caen is internationally reputed as home to some of the most beautiful architectural buildings that still adorn the city. William's Castle, the Men's Abbey and the Ladies' Abbey are considered among the jewels of Norman architecture. The Memorial for Peace, the Normandy and Fine Arts Museums and the city theatre lives up to the fame that the city has created of its own, as one of the heritage of the world.

While on a tour to Caen, one must visit places like the castle and twin abbeys, and also the famous Mémorial museum which is dedicated to the D-Day events of World War II.

Caen is a commune situated in the northwestern part of France. The city lies at a distance of 15 km inland from the English Channel. The city of Caen in France experiences very hot and humid climate. The Ome River flows through the city of Caen. While on a Tour to Caen in France in Europe, one will also get to see the ruins that were caused during the Battle of Normandy in 1944, which is embedded in the historic tales and remnants that the city still bears.

While on Caen Tours, one must visit the following sites. These undermentioned sites are not only attractive and beautiful but hold great importance and significance in giving the city its identity of a historical heritage.

The Castles that adorn the city are historically and socially important in their own way. The castle, Château de Caen, built in the year 1060 by William the Conqueror, is one of the largest medieval fortresses present in Western Europe. At present, the castle has been turned into a museum and is famous as the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Caen (Museum of Fine Arts of Caen) and Musée de Normandie (Museum of Normandy). The museum exhibits many periodical artifacts from arts and history.

Another important place to visit while in Caen is the Abbeys. Eglise de Ste.-Etienne, formerly the Abbaye aux Hommes which is also referred to as the Men's Abbey was completed in the year 1063 and is dedicated to St Stephen. Eglise de la Ste.-Trinité, formerly the Abbaye aux Dames or the Women's Abbey was completed in the year 1060 and is dedicated to the Holy Trinity.