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Palais des Echevins

Bourges was once the capital of Aquitaine and is situated in a central location. It is easy to reach Bourges from Orleans. Bourges is one of the main industrial centers in Berry and has a glorious past. The history of Bourges goes beyond the Middle Ages and it was termed as the finest city in Gaul by Julius Caesar in 52 B.C.
Palais des Echevins
Among the top Tourist attractions in Bourges the name that comes first is Cathedrale St-Etienne which is one of the best Gothic Cathedrals in France and is a favored tourist destination. Palais Jacques Couer is another important Gothic structure and was built in 1450. Another place worth mentioning in Bourges is Palais des Echevins Bourges.

Palais des Echevins Bourges is one of the important medieval mansions. Situated in 13, rue Edouard Branly, Palais des Echevins in Bourges is now a hotel. The mansion was built in 1489 and has a Gallo Roman Wall. Till 1682 Palais des Echevins at Bourges was used as a seat of office for the mayor and four aldermen. The main building of the Palais des Echevins at Bourges consists of an exotic octagonal tower where you come across brilliant decorations. There is also a gallery at the Palace which was designed in 1629 by the master architect,Jean Lejuge. There are Corinthian pilasters in the fa├žade of the structure.

Palais des Echevins Bourges went for a major makeover in 1985 and has the works of the celebrated French painter, Maurice Esteve. There are large rooms in the building and they are brilliantly decorated.

The "Room of the Treasury" at the building consists of a number of warheads and stones. In the second floor of the building you can witness the works of Mauritius Esteve.

The tourists can actively take part in the Gargandin Workshop which is arranged specially for the children and is a workshop on early learning.

The tour guide will show you around the place at some nominal charges but information by the locals always comes handy as they are mostly authentic.