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Musee de Berry Bourges

Bourges is one of the exciting destinations in France and attracts a good number of tourists every year. Bourges is located at the heart of France and can be easily reached from Orleans. This beautiful city is one of the important commercial centers in France as well. There is a rich medieval history associated with the place. Bourges was a fortified city during the Gallic times and has a glorious past. You come across a number of Tourist attractions in Bourges and Musee de Berry Bourges is one of the leading destinations.

Musee de Berry Bourges is situated in 4-6, rue des Arenes and has a good collection of Greek and Roman antiques. Other collections in Musee de Berry in Bourges consist of Egyptian artifacts, Gallo-Roman items and Paleo Christian variants. There is also a good collection of Modern Art and some of the medieval sculptures in Musee de Berry at Bourges. You can also witness a good collection of decorative items which comprise of furniture, ceramics, textiles, glass ware and items made of silver.

Musee de Berry Bourges also has a good collection of items associated with fine arts. These are instruments used for drawing, print materials and posters, sculpture and items for the military which comprise of a lot of weapons. I t is also a delight to see the Numismatics collections. Other collections comprise of the decorative furniture, costumes and different tools.

The Museum came up in 1854 to house different items of the Gallo-Roman archeology and also different items of exotic fine arts and a lot of other medieval items. In the museum you come across a good series of regional archeology, funerary of the Iron Age, Gallo-Roman ceramics and bronze items. There is also a rich portrayal of the ethnography of the domestic and regional life of Bourges.

There are also works of a lot of great painters in the museum like Tournier, Vouet, Fragonard, Lagrenee the Aine and Hubert Robert. You can enjoy a number of library items and documents in the museum which are of good use to the travelers.