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Cathedral of St Etienne

Bourges is one of the exciting destinations in France and attracts a good number of tourists every year. It is one of the culturally advanced places and you can witness a large number of art exhibitions, restaurants and concerts in Bourges. Here you come across a number of good restaurants. In Bourges there is arrangement for a number of musical functions. The Spring Festival of Music is one of the popular music festivals in Bourges.
Cathedral of St Etienne
Bourges is a well known destination for Jacques Coeur, who built the Palais de Jacques Coeur. He was born in Bourges and has a street named after him. There is a lot to see in France and Cathedral of St Etienne, Bourges is one of the places which ranks highly among the Tourist attractions in Bourges.

Cathedral of St Etienne, Bourges is situated on the eastern part of the Rue Moyenne in France and is a front runner among the important French cathedrals.. There is a naïve in the Cathedral of St Etienne where you can also find double aisles. There is also no transept in the Cathedral. You can witness exquisite decoration in the Cathedral of St Etienne at Bourges. You also come across a rose window which is reminiscent of the sculpture of the 14th century.

Cathedral of St Etienne, Bourges has a tympanum in the main doorway which represents the Last Judgment. One of the unfortunate events to occur in the history of the tower happened in 1506 when the north tower collapsed. It was however, restored to some extent in later times.


You can enter the doorway of the Cathedral through the Romansque South Doorway where you can see a brilliant figure of Christ in Majesty, in the company of four Evangelists. One of the best things to watch our for in the interior of the building is the 13th century architecture comprising of stained glass. It is also a delightful experience to see the figure of DucJean de Berry with his wife in the front part of the central chapel.