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Archeveche Gardens Bourges

Bourges is one of the most frequented sites in France and was the capital of the province of Berry. The celtic name of Bourges was Avaricon. One of the important attractions in Bourges is the Gothic Cathedral of Saint Etienne which is one of the World Heritage Sites. It is visited by the travelers in large numbers
.Archeveche Gardens Bourges
Among the other important locations are the Jacques Coeur Palace and the Alderman’s house. There are also a number of good restaurants in Bourges where you can enjoy some of the sumptuous delicacies. The city is located in a close proximity to the geographical center of France. Among the varied Tourist attractions in Bourges Archeveche Gardens Bourges has earned a special place among the travelers.

The address of Archeveche Gardens Bourges is Rue des Hermettres, Bourges. Archeveche Gardens in Bourges lies in the surrounding area of the Grand Cathedral which is situated at a central location in the city. Archeveche Gardens at Bourges has a lot of beauty associated with it and enthrall a wide range of tourists.

Archeveche Gardens Bourges has a distinct pattern of design and has been developed in such a way so that colors and the scents of the flowers are accentuated and stands out. A good number of trees in the place adds to the natural beauty of the place. New trees are added to the Garden frequently which helps you to find new varieties every time you make a trip. It is one of the best spots to sit back and derive pleasure from the beauty of nature.


Archeveche Gardens,Bourges is one of the best places from where you can enjoy a splendid view of the Cathedral of St-Etienne. The garden can be easily reached because it enjoys a strategic location and can be accessed by different modes of transport. The Garden is a top ranking destination in Bourges and tourists from across the globe flock here to enjoy a great atmosphere of serenity away from the pollution of city life.