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Bourges tourist attractions

Bourges tourist attractions include the Cathédrale St-Étienne and Jacques Coeur Palace, which happen to be the most important attractions of the commune along with a few others.

Bourges is an ancient city and is abounding with history which date back several centuries. Towards the end of the Roman Empire the city used to be the capital of Aquitaine. Later under the rule of Charles VII, the commune became the capital of France.

Art and history:

The city is known for its history and art, which is very prominent in the historical structures like Saint-Etienne Cathedral and Jacques Coeur Palace. These monuments not only have major significance within the country but have been included in World Heritage list by UNESCO and enjoy global significance as well.

Green City:

The city is considered to be among the greenest regions in France. The greenery itself is a striking attraction of Bourges. Houses in general have an average of 50 sq. meters of green parks and also 135 hectares of swampy land in the whole of France.


Taking about Bourges cultural attractions, ‘Maison de la Culture’ and ‘Le Printemps de Bourges’ have to be mentioned. The former, ‘Maison de la Culture’ originated in the country of France while the later ‘Le Printemps de Bourges’, is a very popular music festival which was created back in the year 1977. The music festival is a very renowned event. It is both an international and national affair in its true sense.

Popular Bourges Attractions:

As mentioned earlier Cathédrale St-Étienne and Jacques Coeur Palace are the most important Bourges tourist attractions. So, let’s take a detailed look at both

Cathédrale St-Étienne:

Cathédrale St-Étienne, one of the major tourist hubs in Bourges is built on the lines of the Norte Dame situated in Paris along with some up-gradations in design. The difference is clearly noticed in the astonishing lengths of the aisles.

The cathedral boasts unparalleled features like excellent sculptures, 13th century tainted glass windows and architecture. The structure is listed under UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

Some important facts about Cathédrale St-Étienne:

  • Names: Bourges Cathedral, Cathédrale de Bourges, Cathédrale St-Étienne, Cathédrale
  • Saint-Étienne de Bourges.
  • Category: Cathedral
  • Religion: Christian (Roman Catholic)
  • Dates: 1195-1250
  • Architect: Paul-Louis Boeswillwald
  • Architecture: High Gothic
  • Address: Place Etienne-Dolet, Bourges, France.
  • Phone: 02-48-65-72-89
  • Entry Fee: Cathedra: Free
  • Tower and crypt: €6.10 (adults)
  • €4.10 (18-25 years of age)
  • Free (children under 18)

Jacques Coeur Palace:

Jacques Coeur Palace, one of the Bourges attractions boasts unique feathers and describes the basic personality of the builder. The mansion is a precursor of the Renaissance era, which is built against the wall of Gallo-Romano. The building also has galleries that run around the patio linking the chapel to the mansion over the entrance.

The palace also boasts grand and elegant décor which includes the royal emblem of Jacques Coeur and several sculptures, which depict scenes from Jacques Coeur’s everyday life, his travels and religious themes.

Visiting the major Bourges tourist attractions (Cathédrale St-Étienne and Jacques Coeur Palace) is sure to make your Bourges tour worthwhile.