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Shopping in Bourges

Bourges situated in central France is one of most frequented destination in France. The main river in the region is the Yevre River. There have been two theories regarding the origin of the name Bourges. According to one school of thought the name is derived from Bituriges who were the original residents of the place. However, according to a bunch of others it is derived from the German word Burg. There is a strong cultural tradition in the city.
Shopping in  Bourges
One of the major attractions in Bourges is the Palace of Jacques Coeur, which is one of the architectural wonders in the place. The Maurice Esteve Museum is another important tourist attraction in Bourges. There is also the gothic cathedral which is enlisted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can engage in a lot of activities in Bourges and one of the favorite among them is Shopping in Bourges.

Shopping in Bourges is always a delightful experience because you get a chance to buy a varied range of items. Shopping at Bourges forms an integral part of Bourges Tours. Shopping at Bourges in France is a funfilled experience. Check out ‘Chausseur Children’ where you can shop for quality children footwear. You can get shoes of different colors and shapes at the shop.


Shopping in Bourges attains a different dimension altogether as you step in to the ‘Ray Tattoo Studio’. Here you can enjoy one of the best tattoo works on your body. Best instruments are used for these tattoos and they are a treat to watch.

Shopping at Bourges in France takes you to ‘Eram’ where you come across cheap shoes. It is a big shop and a variety of styles are on offer. You can choose from sporty ones to high heels. Offset flat for men, women and children are also available. You can also try out the ‘Bookstore Jacques Coeur’ where you come across a number of children books as well as books for the adults.

If you are in search of good tourist guides and also some of the rare copies of magazines then Maison de la Presse is the place for you.