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How to Reach Bourges

A town and commune in central France, the beautiful Bourges is located on the Yèvre river. Previously Bourges was the capital of the former province of Berry, but at present it is the capital of the departement of Cher. The town of Bourges is a popular tourist destination and witnesses large crowds each and every year. Flightshotelstours offers detailed travel guide on How to Reach Bourges.
How to Reach Bourges
Reaching Bourges is easy, because the city is well connected to the other cities via train, air and road. The city of Bourges can be accessed and reached from all parts of France as well as from from all over the world.

How to Reach Bourges by Road – The picturesque city of Bourges is just a two-hours’ ride from Paris and just a one-hour ride from Orleans. Bourges is also well connected to the cities of Clermont Ferrand and Lyon. The time taken to travel from Bourges to Clermont Ferrand by road is 1 hour 45 minutes approximately. Lyon to Bourges is a three hours journey. The road, that is, the route followed by the cars and buses is known as A71.

How to Reach Bourges by Rail – The railway station is just five minutes from the town center. There are regular and daily trains that leave Bourges and reach Paris. There are actually 15 trains that connect Bourges and Paris each and every day. The time taken in these journeys from Paris to Bourges is 1 hour 45 minutes.

How to Reach Bourges by Air – There are regular flights that connect Bourges to other cities in France. Flights also connect the city with places outside the country. The domestic destinations from where flights set off for Bourges include Lomoges, Tours, Poitiers and Clermont-Ferrand.