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Abbaye de Noirlac

Bourges is located on a hill near the river Yevre. One of the main attractions of the region is the Gothic Cathedral which is one of the best architectural structures in the city. There are also number of ancient hotels and houses in Bourges which have an aura of their own. Located in the region of Beery which lies at the south of Sologne Bourges is one of the historical destinations. It is one of the vibrant cities in France and you have one festival or the other every month.
Abbaye de Noirlac
One of the majestic structures among the Tourist attractions near Bourges is the Abbaye de Noirlac which is a favored destination with a large number of tourists.

Abbaye de Noirlac is considered to be a big cultural complex and was built in the year 1150. Abbaye de Noirlac near Bourges is a property of the General Council and the Council has been managing the property since 1910. The building is a splendid example of the Cistercian art. The abbey has 8 spaces which are open to the general public. They are the Abbey Church, The House, The Chamber of Monks, The Refractory and the Cloister, The Monk’s Dormitory and the Dormitory of the Cellers and the Convers.

Abbaye de Noirlac arranges for a glittering Festival which is known as the Festival of Noirlac. Abbaye de Noirlac near Bourges in France also consists of seminar rooms which are provided on rentals. There is also arrangement for an animation class at the building which has main thrust on workshop, class heritage and cycle of discovery of music.


Abbaye de Noirlac is situated on the right bank of the beautiful river of Cher. The Abbey was rediscovered in 1838 by Prosper Merimee. There is a large dormitory in the abbey which was divided into distinct cells in the 17th C.

The Abbey went through a major renovation process in the year 1950 and continued till 1980. Around the year 1977 there was an installation of the modern glass in the structure and this added to the beauty of the place.