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Excursions from Bourges

Bourges is one of the important tourist attractions in France and is situated on the east end of the Loire Valley. It was once the capital of the Aquantine. The city is only an hour and half from Oudan. The history of the place goes far back to the Middle Ages. It was described as the “Finest City in Gaul” by Caesar. There is a beautiful decorated cathedral in Bourges and some medieval buildings.
Excursions from Bourges
The Cathedral is one of the UNESCO World Heritage structures and the construction of the building started in the 12th century. There are 5 magnificent door ways in the Cathedral each has a significance and story relating the disciples of Jesus.. It is always a great experience to go on a Tours to Bourges and Excursions from Bourges are equally exciting.

Excursions from Bourges take you to Venzeley ,one of the must visits in France. Venzeley is located at the north of Morvan National Park. Venzeley is one of the medieval towns and has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Basilica of Saint Madeleine is one of the best places to visit in the region. I t is a great example of Roman architecture. Braire is another important destination to reach out for during Excursions from Bourges in France. The place is famous for the ‘Le Pont de Canal’. The canal acts as a starting point for a number of cycle rides and walks.

Excursions from Bourges become a rewarding experience when you visit the Abbay de Noirlac. This medieval Christian site is located on the south west of Bourges. It was founded in 1150 and is one of the best examples of Cistercian architecture. There is also an arcaded cloister which draws us back to the 13th and the 14th centuries. There is a large dormitory at the abbey which draws a lot of tourists.

Bourges Tours are very exciting and it is even better to reach for a number of destinations which lie near Bourges. There are a number of good roads and wide range of transport to help in your journey.