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St. Catherine Airport

St. Catherine Airport is one of the commercial airports located in the small town of Colvi. The Colvi city being relatively small in area as compared to the rest of the cities of France offers everything for catching the attention of the discerning tourists. Colvi is the best place to explore the interiors of France and a visit to this place is surely to be one of the most pleasant and memorable one.

Among the various commercial airports in Calvi, St. Catherine Airport in Calvi, France occupies a significant place. It has a good location and the old tower of this airport is built in the authentic Cosrican architecture. The IATA code of St. Catherine Airport is CLY and the ICAO code is LKFC. The airport is situated to the south-east of Calvi at a distance of 5 km. There are various flights to Calvi that land at this airport and this airport is located at an elevation of 209 feet above the mean sea level.

This airport has made certain that the safety of the guests is fully ensured and for this purpose it has excellent arrangements made for the emergency situation. The passengers can avail the facility for car hire and also there are several food joints where the guests can have a drink or two and can relish the snacks.

Colvi is basically a picturesque tourist destination located in the island of Corsica at a distance of 95 km. This is basically a fishing port and is a growing tourist destination that attracts a large number of tourists from every part of the world. Glamorous harbors, souvenir shops and fancy boutiques with the quaint villages of its rustic surroundings are typical to this place.

St. Catherine Airport has helped many travelers travel to Calvi quickly and explore the sylvan surroundings of this marvelous tourist destination. There are many restaurants and small hotels located near the airport that may range from inexpensive to the costly ones depending on the budget of the tourist.