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Figari/Sudcorse Airport

One of the favorite tourism sites for travelers worldwide, the captivating country of France pulls numerous tourists every year. Among the tourism spots in France, Figari/Sudcorse is one of the most exciting cities to be in. The Flights to France are of varied types and offer A-one services to their visitors. The Figari/Sudcorse Airport, the main airport of Figari/Sudcorse provide quality services to the travelers at comparatively affordable rates.

Figari/Sudcorse Airport is the main airport of the area. It takes you to the charming world of rivers, hills, seas and plenty of landscape beauties. The Airport of Figari/Sudcorse is located at 3 km northwest of Figari. It happens to be the main connection linking almost all the important European, Asian and North American cities, to this little but significant city of Figari/Sudcorse.

The following airlines and destinations are associated with this airport:

  • Air France (Paris- Orly)
  • Air France operated by Brit Air (Strasbourg)
  • Monarch Airlines (London, Gatwick)
  • CCM Airlines (Nice, Marseilles)
  • Thomsonfly (London, Gatwick, Manchester)
  • European Air Charter
  • Farnair
  • Flybaboo
  • Girjet
  • Pan Europeene Air Service
  • British Midland Airways
  • Blue Line
  • Air Mediterranee
The Figari/Sudcorse Airport provides the following facilities as well:

  • Car rental
  • Car parking
  • Airport parking (in all major airports of U.K)
  • ATM
  • Restaurant Information desk
  • Baggage inquiries
  • Medical assistance

The city of Figari is a part of the Cor de Suc province of France, situated in the island of Corsica and draws people from far and near. A wonderful place for trekking, excursions, rafting, hiking, etc, the city has a whole range of natural treasures and accordingly attracts large number of tourists.

The Figari/Sudcorse Airport provides first class services to the travelers going from or coming to the city of Figari/Sudcorse and leaves you with most satisfying traveling experiences.