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St Gatien Airport

Your journey to France will be smooth and enjoyable and it is a guarantee. The traveling facilities and services will take away your worries. The best and convenient way to travel around the cities in France is to catch flights to the respective destination that features in your tour itinerary. If you have planned out a travel to Deauville then again it is recommended that you opt for air travel to Deauville as it saves time. Numerous flights to Deauvialle are operated from major cities of France. The flights will take you to the St Gatien Airport in Deauville.

St Gatien Airport is around 7 km to the east from the city of Deauville. It is a busy airport of the city. This fully configured airport has appointed several passenger friendly facilities and services which comprise of hygienic toilets, provision for refreshments such as coffee & light snacks, information desk, telephone and taxi stand. There is a sitting area also where travelers can sit and wait for their respective flights to arrive or depart. Some of the important statistics on the airport is provided below;

Airport Codes :
FlightStats Code : DOL

Location and Time :
Latitude : 49.362778 (North 49° 21' 45”)
Longitude : 0.164167 (East 0° 9' 51”)

Air France and Lufthansa serve the St Gatien Airport in Deauville. There is one flight that departs from this airport per week on a frequent basis. The longest flight that is operated from this airport is 173 miles. Both the luxury and budget flights are operated to and from here.

It is owing to the smooth flight services and facilities of the St Gatien Airport in Deauville that travelers find air travel to Deauville most easy. Once they arrive at Deauville, they are absolutely engrossed in the unblemished beauty of the region. In this queen of the Norman beaches, host of entertainment sources are available such as racecourse, harbor, marinas and casino. With these and many more, you are also sure to enjoy vacations in Deauville, France to the fullest extent.