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Chateaubernard Airport

The most fascinating thing about the tour to France is that you get to see different sides and angles of the same country on visiting different cities. Each city remarkably differs from the other by the virtue of tourist attractions and topography but what remains common is their quintessentially European charm. The same thing you will learn about Cognac, the administrative district in the French département of Charente. The locals of this picturesque town are called Cognaçais. Cognac is a well known name for manufacturing best quality of brandy. Besides, there are countless tourist attractions also. To come to Cognac, you need to arrive at Chateaubernard Airport.

The Chateaubernard Airport in Cognac, France is essentially a military base. It is located 2.8 km south of the city of Cognac. As it serves as a strong base to the French Air Force so well planned and extensive arrangements are done beforehand to avoid any sort of problems. Private and charter flights run on the paved surface of this airport. The length of the runway of this airport is 1,875 meter and 6,152 ft. This airport is well equipped with advanced technological devices and offers a comprehensive range of facilities for the convenience of the passengers. It has an efficient information desk that aptly handles travelers’ queries. Besides, there is a neat and clean toilet and food and drinks outlets too to offer further assistance to the passengers.

A tour to Cognac will prove to be a pleasurable and treasured experience of life. You will also vouch for the same. The Old Town of this city will appeal to your aesthetic sense with its unusual architectures and narrow cobbled streets. You will enjoy every bit of your time here. If you really want to make your vacations in France a wonderful experience of life then do catch any of the flights to Cognac which will take you to Chateaubernard Airport from where the city is just stone’s throw away.