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Deols Airport

Situated in the Indre department, Deols Airport in Chateauroux was previously a base to United States Air Force. It is around 3 miles from the city of Chateauroux and 5 miles east of Déols, a part of central France. It was during the Cold War period that this airport acted as a frontline base for the United States Air Forces in Europe. It was then that this airport comprised of two individual facilities. Around 5 miles away there was Déols Air Depotand La Martinerie airfield.

The Chateauroux Deols airport was established in late 1920s. It was founded as a civil transport airfield. It used to provide regional air service within France. However, during World War II it was attacked several times by the United States Air Forces. It is said that that time many attempts were made to make it a base for French Air Force. But continuous attacks from the United States Air Forces compelled the introduction of some changes into the plan.

It was in 1950 that a treaty was signed which enabled the development of a depot and preservation facilities for the United States Air Force for shared use by the Americans and the French to support the arrival of both civil and military aircraft at Deols Airport in Chateauroux, France.

The departure of USAF or United States Air Force in 1967 resulted in the development of Deols airport as a commercial airport. Aircraft overhaul facility and business jet center have also been introduced. Today this airport is used for both public and military purposes. There are some buildings where non military activities are carried out.



Now both private and public flights to Chateauroux arrive at Deols airport. This airport is technologically advance and well equipped. It has countless passenger friendly facilities also.

So if you want to visit Chateauroux, the administrative division of central France and the capital of the Indre department then catch a flight to the city and land at the attractive and historically important Deols Airport in Chateauroux.