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Salvaza Airport

Salvaza Airport is an important airport that serves the Carcassonne that lies 90 kilometers to the south-east of Toulouse in-between the Pyrenees and the Massif Central of France. The airport also serves the region around southern Languedoc. Salvaza Airport, France is identified by the code, LFMK from International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) while the International Air Transport Association (IATA) gives it the code of CCF.

The paved runway of Salvaza Airport measures 6397 feet in length. Customs service is available at the Airport during peak hours. The airport is open for the civilians and has a published instrument approach procedure which is better known as Instrument Flight Rules (IFR). This makes Salvaza Airport safe for landing even during insufficient light or harsh weather.

Located at a distance of 3 kilometers to the north Carcassonne, Salvaza Airport manages national, international, private, and even non-regular flights. These strictly include all aircrafts that operate under VFR. Towards the end of the 20th century, cheap flights like Ryanair started flying to and from the Salvaza Airport in France, Europe. By the year 2006, Salvaza Airport had established its contacts with those at Dublin, Shannon, Stansted, Liverpool, East Midlands and Charleroi.

The various facilities and services offered by Carcassonne Salvaza Airport include:

  • Information Desk
  • Baggage trolleys
  • Currency Exchange and ATM facility
  • Telephones
  • Post Box
  • First Aid
  • Baby care facilities
  • Sandwicherie Salvaza is an eatery that serves quiches, sandwiches, and light meals along with the liquors and other refreshments at the Bar
  • Airport Shop offers newspapers, products of the region, gifts, and confectionery
  • Fax and Photocopier serves the business requirements
  • VIP Lounge
  • Facilities for the Disabled consisting of wheelchair, wheelchair accessible toilets, ramps, and wheelchair parking
  • Taxi cabs as well as horse drawn carriage available at the terminal
Besides, the provision of a balcony enables the tourists to see-off their acquaintances from the Salvaza Airport.

The Fortified town of Carcassonne is identified by the Gothic Style of architecture. The fortress of Carcassonne was comprehensively restored from 1853 by the theorist and architects Eugène Viollet-le-Duc. The structure was included in the list of World Heritage Sites in 1997 by UNESCO.