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Leognan-Saucats Airport

Bordeaux combines the medieval charm of France and the busy metropolitan flavor to offer to the discerning tourists a completely distinct pleasure of spending the vacations. Millions of travelers drop in to Bordeaux to spend vacations and the aviation industry plays a key role in serving them. Bordeaux is served by two major airports, one of them being the Leognan-Saucats Airport.

The Leognan-Saucats Airport in Bordeaux, France is located at an elevation of 2600 feet above the mean sea level and is a major point of access into Bordeaux. Owing to an advantageous location, the airport remains the preferred one by the overseas travelers coming to Bordeaux. This airport is well-designed and maintained by the airport authorities to offer utmost convenience to the passengers. The ICAO code of this airport is LFCS and it serves many flights to Bordeaux.

Leognan-Saucats Airport takes strict measures to maintain the safety of the passengers and has requisite facilities in case of exigency. The ground staff of the airport is quite cooperative and always available in case one needs their assistance. Comprehensive facilities for the passengers are also provided by the airport authorities and include food joints, shops and facility for currency exchange.

Bordeaux is a culturally rich city that never fails to enchant its visitors. It is the wine capital of the world and is being refurbished rapidly to give it a whole new cosmopolitan look. It is an ideal instance of aesthetic value still at its pinnacle. The various classical architectures give one a glimpse into the splendor of the past. With its museums, wide avenues and architectural magnificence, it remains one of the most visited cities of France.

Owing to a good location, Leognan-Saucats Airport can be accessed from any corner of the city of Bordeaux. There are many hotels too that are located in the close vicinity of the airport catering to the various tourists.