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Avallon Airport

Avallon is a town in central France that has a characteristic languorous quality about it. The otherwise quiet and tranquil town assumes a vivacious character during Saturday mornings when the morning markets are held. The old town can be distinctly divided into two parts by the chief commercial street of Grand-Rue-Aristide-Briand. comes as a ready help if you wish to access Avallon by furnishing all the requisite information on Avallon airport.

The Avallon airport is served by a good number of flights. Avallon Airport, Avallon, France is well-connected to Melbourne and Geelong. The airport is a smart and modern one that is complete with all the facilities that will make traveling a pleasurable experience for even the contemporary guests. It would help you to know that the fight check in desks in Avallon airport opens two hours prior to departure and gets closed down half an hour before the scheduled departure of the flight. The other factual data that regarding the Avallon Airport is furnished below;

Airport Codes :
Flight Stats Code : LFGE

Location and Time :
Latitude : 47.530556 (North 47° 31' 50”)
Longitude : 4.045082 (East 4° 2' 42”)
Time Zone : +2:00 from GMT (UTC)

Avallon does not disappoint its visitors as far as tourist attractions are concerned. One of its most important landmarks of Avallon is the church of St Lazare whose construction can be traced back to the twelfth century. The church houses two western portals that are graced with sculptures built in ornate Romanesque style. Another popular highlight is the Tour de L’ Horloge. This is an eleventh century structure that incorporates a museum on its second floor.