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Marce Airport

Angers one of the major gateways to France is also an important tourist destination of the country. Marce airport is the one that serves this city and hence various tourists from all parts of the world drop in to Angers. This airport is operated by Societe de Gestion de l'Aeroport Angers-Marce (SGAAM). Many flights to Angers land at this airport and it is one of the main adjuncts to the aviation industry of France.

Marce Airport in Angers, France is also known as the Angers-Marce Airport and it is located at a distance of 20 km to the northeast of Angers. The height of its location above the mean sea level is 194 feet. The IATA code of this airport is ANE and the ICAO code is LFJR. Marce Airport is a well planned airport and every facility for the convenience of the passengers is provided by it.

It is one of the important airports in Angers and is used for the public transport. It offers requisite facilities for the convenience of the passengers. There are food joints, bureau de exchange, cafeterias and facilities for the corporate travelers as well. The amiable staff of Marce Airport makes sure that the passengers do not feel bothered and are easily approachable in case one needs help.

Being one of the eminent cities of France, Angers is paid visit by lots of tourists every year. Angers is located at a distance of 191 miles to the south-western part of France. The place is famous for its thriving nurseries and market gardens. There are numerous churches, gardens and museums that can be watched by the tourist when he is on his tour to Angers.

Marce Airport boasts of a favorable location and one can visit the various places of tourist interest easily when he drops in to Angers. There are many hotels located in the close vicinity of the airport catering to the huge influx of the tourists.