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Lincoln Park Zoo Chicago

Lincoln Park Zoo is one of the most popular family destinations in Chicago, Illinois. Located towards the north of downtown Chicago area, this is the oldest zoo in the United States.

Lincoln Park Zoo was established in the year 1868 with a vision to conserve wildlife and provide them a safe shelter. This zoo consists of a wide variety of rare animals and birds. You can watch gorillas, polar bears, penguins, monkeys, reptiles on your visit to the Zoo. You will get to see over 1,250 animals residing in their natural habitats. There is a burr Oak Tree in Lincoln Park Zoo, which dates back to 1830, that is, 3 years prior to the foundation of the city. The zoo is also a certified member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). There are 5 zoos in the Chicago area, Lincoln Park zoo being one of them.

After the foundation of this zoo, the commissioners were gifted a pair of swans and then a bear cub joined in. Slowly and eventually, the population increased and the zoo had plenty of animals. An eventful day in the zoo was when a bison was born in custody. The celebrity anchor of Wild Kingdom, Marlin Perkins was the director of the Zoo from 1944 to 1962. The zoo also houses a historic café.

There are 2 sections in the Zoo that have been made for entertaining the children:
  • Pritzker Family Children's Zoo.
    The Children's Zoo comprises an indoor playing area for the children. Earlier, the visitors could pet animals in the children’s arena, but now the zoo authorities have closed this due to health and safety reasons. Previously, baby animals that were rejected by their parents were kept in this children’s zoo, but now they have been moved to the main Zoo so that they can get company.

  • Farm-in-the-Zoo
    Farm-in-the-Zoo presented by John Deere is also dedicated to children. As the name suggests, there is a farm in the zoo, which features farm animals like cows, pigs, horses etc. The children can give food to those animals and also pet them. A live demonstration of how cows are milked takes place in public for children. In addition, there is an event called Story Time where comic songs and tales keep children entertained.

    Following are the other animal residences and exhibits of the Lincoln Park Zoo:
    • Kovler Penguin and Seabird House
    • Antelope & Zebra Area
    • McCormick Bear Habitat
    • Regenstein African Journey
    • Regenstein Birds of Prey Exhibit
    • Helen Brach Primate House
    • Hope B. McCormick Swan Pond
    • McCormick Bird House
    • Kovler Lion House
    • Regenstein Small Mammal-Reptile House
    • Flamingo Habitat
    • Regenstein Center for African Apes
    • Nature Boardwalk at Lincoln Park Zoo
    • Kovler Sea Lion Pool

    Organizing an event
    If you wish to organize an event, a family get together, picnics, or corporate parties, you can choose Lincoln Park Zoo or Café Brauer as the venues. There are plenty of locations provided by the Zoo authorities, which are ideal for these events.

    Contact Details:
    Lincoln Park Zoo
    2001 North Clark Street
    Chicago, IL 60614
    Tel: 312-742-2000