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Activities of Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2008


The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2008 is one of the major food and wine events where people from all over the world come to be a part of this fiesta. It will take place for 16 days and more than 100 restaurants of the city will be a part of it serving exquisite food items and wines to the guests. You can roam around in the buzzing food markets, take culinary lessons from world renowned chefs and have a conversation with restaurant owners and well-known chefs from all over the globe. It is the place where restaurant owners, businessmen, chefs, hospitality staffs and food lovers come to rejoice life through tasty food and brilliant wine. The Activities of Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2008 will take place in most of the restaurants of the city and various other venues. It is all about good living and good dining as per the Epicurean dictum. It will take place from 22nd February to 8th March 2008 is sponsored by The Age.

The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival started in 1993 with just 12 events. It has come a long way since then in leaps and bounds. The 2007 version of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival had 140 events within 14 days and was very successful enjoyed by food and wine lovers and appreciated by critics.

The various activities that will take place in the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2008 are:

Barbecue You can sit in the open air and savor amazing barbecued dishes which will excite and entice your taste buds.

City Sights You can also move around this beautiful city of Melbourne and see why it really is such a favorite travel getaway.

Cooking You can see how the best chefs in the food industry make those exquisite dishes which are ultimate gastronomic treats.

Dining Enjoy the festival by being the food freak and indulging in dining escapades through unique dishes.

Evening activities Feel the sultry evenings by enjoying in a classy ambience of any of the restaurants in Melbourne.

Learning or Lessons or Tuition Learn how to make those mouth watering which were only served to you till now.

Night life Go to any of the theatres, or any Melbourne bar and shake your leg to those funky beats and feel the famous nightlife of this Australian city.

Wine Tasting You can always visit those vineyards from where those wines come and take on the role of a critic and learn intrinsic details about wine tasting. offers online information on Activities of Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2008.

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