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Australian Grand Prix Venue and Circuit


LXXIII ING Australia Grand Prix 13 - 16 March 2008, Melbourne
You can feel the heat on. With the thunderous event of Albert Park 2008 FI Australian Grand Prix at Melbourne knocking at the door, enjoining every sport lovers on the earth to get ready for smashing all the speed limits, the thrill and excitement is quite palpable. And if still you are missing out on the details of 2008 Australian Grand Prix Venue and Circuit, then here you go- the "high velocity" extravaganza will take place in Melbourne with the roads ahead of Albert Park playing the perfect circuit for the race.

Going back in times, there has been quite a lot of modifications before settling down finally on the Australian Grand Prix Venue and Circuit. Ever since the country became a part of this adrenalin-surging F1 World Championship in 1985, the Adelaide roads had been capturing the limelight as the notorious street circuit. But later on Melbourne replaced Adelaide and Albert Park started to play the circuit from 1993 onwards.
The prominent Melbourne businessman Mr Ron Walker AC CBE, the current Chairman of the Australian Grand Prix, played the lead catalyst in the year in making Melbourne the host city. There were initially many controversies regarding this change, but ultimately things got sorted out and Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit at Albert Park won hands down.

The new street-based circuit of Australian Formula-1 Championship at Melbourne's Albert Park, utilizes everyday sections of road that encircle Albert Park Lake and are custom made for the purpose. Hence, compared to the races held on public roads, Albert Park is quite smooth and racing friendly. Some unique features of the circuit that make it drivers' favorite include:

  • Fast
  • Relatively easy to drive
  • Consistent placement of corners facilitating racers to achieve competitive times
  • Easy for spectating from a grandstand seat

Check out the Venue and Circuit Details of Australian Grand Prix:
  • Location: Albert Park, a couple of kilometers south of central Melbourne.
  • Time zone: 10 AM
  • Circuit Length: 5.303 km (3.30 mi)
  • Turns: 16
  • Lap Record: 1:24.125 by legendary Michael Schumacher, Ferrari, 2004
If you hit the city of Melbourne now, you will find, before Albert Park 2008 FI Australian Grand Prix at Melbourne finally whistle off, preparation has already begun to make the venue apt for hosting the extravaganza.

Track-side fencing, pedestrian overpasses, grandstands and other motor-sport infrastructure are being erected, and access to the area around the Australian Grand Prix Venue and Circuit has already been restricted.

So, only a few weeks have been left before we start the countdown.

Do keep yourself updated with up-to-the-minute tidings on Australian Grand Prix Venue and Circuit at

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