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Brisbane Current Events


Brisbane, one of the most famous Australian cities, hosts a great tourist appeal throughout the year. The city’s tourism appeal is not only restricted to its varied attractions but also in its events and festivals. Brisbane features a range of events and festivals that holds an appeal for almost everyone. The calendar year of Brisbane is marked with a range of festivals and events catering to every sector of the society. The current events in Brisbane, catering to a lot of entertainment and fun, range from sports events to cultural events. These events in Brisbane, scheduled for the coming months of 2010, would likely to evoke great appeal among the tourists as well as locals

Recent Brisbane Events

The Brisbane Events offer the guests a lot of fun and entertainment. While you are on a visit to Brisbane, try to catch the Brisbane current events to experience the fun quotient of the city. Here is a list of some of the popular Brisbane events scheduled for the coming months of 2010.

  • Fieritalia Italian Festival
    The Fieritalia festival, scheduled for the month of October, is one of the most popular celebrations of Italian culture. This festival in Queensland, Brisbane features a lot of entertainment and hosts great fun and feast. This celebration, presenting an array of exotic Italian dishes, is an outright Italian event in Brisbane. No Italian event is ever complete without an Italian feast. This festival too likewise, offers a treat to the visitors. Popular food items in the celebration include Italian sausages flavored with fennel, porchetta, wood-fired gourmet pizzas, aromatic pasta dishes, and arancini along with other delicacies. The dessert section also offers an extensive range that includes mouth-watering delicacies such as crostoli, cannoli, gelati, and tiramisu. However, this celebration is not all about food and feast. The festival also hosts various entertaining performances and shows throughout the day.

    While at this festival, you can catch a glimpse of jugglers, and circus performances, street entertainers, and stilt walkers. These performances replicate the history and activities of renaissance period. The festival also offers you with the taste of Italian wines and other liquors. The most popular attraction of the Italian festival is the Condottieri, a group devoted to enact the look and feel of an Italian mercenary military camp from the 15th century. You can also visit the cultural pod of Renaissance period. This cultural center exhibits musical instruments, paintings, and costumes from the Renaissance period. This festival also hosts something for the kids; you can get them engaged in Venetian mask face painting, competitions, and thrilling rides.

    Event details
    • Venue- New Farm Park, Brunswick St, New Farm
    • Date - 10 October 2010 (Sunday)
    • Time - 10am - 5pm
    • Rates - 8 USD entry per person (children under 12 years are free)
  • The Remix
    The Remix is another much-awaited festival in Brisbane that is back in its third year. This dance event witnesses the toughest and biggest hip-hop dance competition. Now, the event in its third year, is much bigger and better. This event, scheduled for the month of October, will introduce you to tougher competition, more crews, bigger production, and more talented performers. The event will also feature a guest performance by world-renowned choreographer Buddha Stretch of USA, Rock Steady Crew’s Mr Wiggles of USA, and Nacho Pop of Australia.

    Event details
    • Venue - River Stage City Botanic Gardens, Alice Street, Brisbane CBD
    • Dates - 23 October 2010 (Saturday)
    • Times - 6pm - 9pm

  • 16th Wow Film Festival
    The 16th Wow Film Festival is all about celebrating and promoting cinema. This film festival, scheduled for the month of November, is set to encourage and uphold the female talents in the cinema world. During the film festival, awards will be given to talented female directors, writers, cinematographers, editors, and producers, hailing from the Australian film industry as well as from other film industries in the world.. This festival screens short award winning cinema offering a look at the world through the eyes of a woman. At this festival, you will get to see psychological feature film ‘Four of a Kind’ along with other award winning Australian short films.

    Event details
    • Venue - Brisbane Powerhouse Centre for the Arts 119 Lamington Street, New Farm
    • Dates - 7 November 2010 (Sunday)
    • Time - 12noon, 5.30pm - 7pm

  • Noosa Triathlon Multi Sport Festival
    The Noosa Triathlon Multi Sport Festival is one of the most popular events scheduled for the month of October. This event staged for Noosa is just two hours drive from Brisbane. This festival hosts a popular appeal with the sports lover. The multi-sport events offer finest blend of adventure and entertainment. This sport event is all set to feature sun and surf in the most popular tourist site in Australia – Noosa. The festival also introduces you to the rich history of Brisbane. This unique event held in Brisbane, almost has an unparallel match. This multi sport festival is one of the most popular triathlon of Australia. The festival attracts around 8,000 competitors to the Olympic distance challenge. However, this festival is not all about triathlon, the festival also features a range of festivals of triathlon events, running, swimming, and cycling. These events are meant for age group ranging from 7 to 80. The festival also hosts the largest expo of Queensland along with fun, food, and feast.

    Event details
    • Venue - Lions Park, Noosa Dr, Noosa Heads
    • Date –27 October 2010 (Wednesday) - 31 October 2010 (Sunday)

  • Queensland Multicultural Festival 2010
    The Queensland multicultural festival, scheduled for the month of October, is all set for its seventh year celebration. This multi cultural event, to be held in Brisbane, is the largest free one-day community event in Queensland. This festival highlights the varied cultural appeal of Queensland. The event hosts a significant appeal among the masses and draws around 280 000 people. The festival is all about honoring the extensive range of music, dance, art forms, theater, photography, literature, visual art, and sport events along with various cultural activities across the world. The event features around 85 music and dance performances, children’s activities, and roving artistes along with around 100 food and craft stall.

    Event details
    • Date - 17 October 2010 (Sunday)
    • Time – 10am - 5pm
    • Venue - Roma Street Parkland

    Brisbane current events are all about fun, food, and fiesta. While on a visit to Brisbane, plan a trip to these events to experience the cultural diversity of Brisbane at its best. These Brisbane events perfectly reflect the cultural and art appeal of Brisbane and highlight it for the world.

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