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Essendon Airport


Essendon Airport, in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne was the Major airport of this beautiful city of Australia. But after Melbourne Airport was constructed in the 1970s, Essendon Airport lost its stature and became one of the smaller airports. Now it is generally hosts corporate jet, aircraft maintenance, airfreight, regional and interstate charters and emergency air services activities. Together all these activities result in more than 65,000 annual aircraft movements into the airport.

The airport is spread across a spacious 305 hectares and is situated 11 kilometers away from the Central Business District of Melbourne and just 5 kilometers from the major airport of the city. In 2001, it was acquired by the Linfox Group along with Becton, and this wave of privatization has ultimately led to the emergence of this airport as one of the major airports in the city after being rejected due to lack of bigger runways.

It has two runways: one east/west runway of 1921 metres and another north/south runway of 1585 metres made up of concrete tarmac. It has 120,000 square metres of office and warehouse accommodations. The Instrument Landing system is world class and so is the Air traffic Control. It has further plans of developing into a pulsating commercial and aviation installation. It has plans to transform into a corporate park with offices, economic, commercial and storage activities with the prime focus still on the aviation industry.

Melbourne, the capital of the state of Victoria, is one of the major cities of Australia. With its diverse population of people from all over the globe, it is one of the liveliest and bright cities. And Essendon airport is a major part of it as it not looks after the major part of the trade of this south most city, but also a part of the tourism as it caters to the chartered flights coming in and going out of Melbourne. offers online information on Essendon Airport and flights to Melbourne.

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