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Inverell Airport


Inverell Airport offers services to town Inverell located in New South Wales, Australia. It is situated at a distance of 15 kilometer south of Inverell. The airbase that uses the code of IVR is a civil airport and is open for public use. The runway of the base that spreads over an area of 6900 feet in length is paved with asphalt. It also has the distinct choice of having an operational airport with 1000-meter granite runway. The airfield also enjoys a distinct IFR facility that allows an officially published instrument approach of flights landing at the ground. The airfield featuring the Gwydir Highway has been in continuous use since 1937. This is considered as an important landmark of the history of the airport. The airport features two runways and is known for having a very friendly and helpful staff.

The IATA code of the Inverell Airport in Inverell in Australia IVR and the ICAO code is YIVL. The Inverell Airport is a civil airport and is open for public use. The runway of Inverell airport is paved with asphalt and measure 6900 feet in length. The IFR facility at the airport offers officially published instrument approach for the flights landing at this airport. This facility allows flights to land here in the dark or during bad weather conditions.

Inverell airport operates passenger flights, mail and cargo flights coming and moving out. The length of the runway of an airport plays a crucial role in determining the status of an airport as a civil airport. The airport is accessible and well connected to the city by public modes of conveyance. The major airports that serve the bigger cities of the country are well connected to this city. All the flights to Australia are scheduled to land at any of the major airports.

SWM fly between Inverell and Newcastle with the link of Aeropelican Air Services with 19 seats. The shortest distance flight moving out of Inverell airport covers a distance of 204 miles. The longest distance flight from Inverell covers a distance of 279 miles. There are two flights operated from the airport that provides nonstop flights to two major cities in Australia.

Inverell Airport Improvements

Here is a look at the facilities that has been offered to the airport to match its standards to an international airfield-
  • A 721 square meter steel framed, iron and weatherboard-clad exterior
  • Aircraft hanger that comes laden with office, lounges, 2 toilets, and laundry, (all with furniture and fittings)
  • Workshop and aero club area
  • Fuel installation area featuring 2 bowlers and 20,000 L underground tanks.
  • Vintage telephone box in working order
  • Runway lighting
  • Water storage 8000 gallons

    Inverell Airport Flights The airport operates services of passenger flights, mail and cargo flights to and from the town in the New South Wales, Australia. It enjoys the provision of being easily accessible and well connected to the city by public modes of transport. The town is in turn connected to the chief airports that offer a service to the bigger cities of the nation. The principal airport of the town offers a number of flights to the other cities in Australia. Most of the flights enjoy a well connection to the city of Sydney. A number of direct flights along with connected flights also connect the town. Aeropelican is one of the airlines operating service that provides flights to Inverell

    One of the shortest flights that leave from the airport of Inverell covers a distance of 204 miles. The largest flight that caters to the people from the airfield is the SWM that offers a seat to 19 people. This particular flight flies between Inverell and Newcastle having the connection of Aeropelican Air Services. The airport also witnesses the operation of two flights providing non-stop services to two principle cities in the nation. The Aeropelican Air line offers a service of two daily flights from Inverell to Sydney with a capacity of 38 seats. The airline also offers a service of one daily flight from Inverell to Newcastle with 19 seats. Services of chartered flights and Jet operations are also available from the Inverell Airport. Only one carrier offers flights to Inverell and Sydney.

    Inverell Airport Hotel Shuttle

    Inverell Airport is very well connected through shuttle services that run to and from the airport. Hotels located in and around the airport region provides shuttle services offering a stress free journey. The option of car hire and rental is also available near the airport. However, before booking a car rental, it is advisable that you go through a proper check to see whether a rental is at all needed to reach the destination or not. Sapphire City Motor Inn Inverell is a popular place of accommodation offering shuttle services to and from the airport.

    Hotels near Inverell Airport

    A number of accommodations are available near the airport in Inverell. The hotels that come with excellent services and facilities are famous for offering the guests a convenient stay.

    Some of the Inverell airport hotels are as follows -

    Sapphire City Motor Inn Inverell

    34 Glen Innes Road, Inverell, Australia
    The Sapphire City Motor Inn is one of the more popular places of accommodation near the airport. The hotel offers excellent service and come with a host of facilities to ensure a comfortable stay. The hotel also has the option of bed and breakfast. Other facilities like, dinner-in-room and charge back facilities with local restaurants and clubs is available. Hot and continental breakfast is also served throughout the week. The hotel is located at one-kilometer distance from the main region of the town. It also provides both wired and wireless Internet facilities free of charge.

    Best Western Top of the Town Motel Inverell

    Gwydir Highway, Inverell, Australia
    The best Western Motel is another accommodation offering great services to the guests. The mortel is famous for offering a convenient stay equipped with all modern facilities. The internet service is offered at a specified charge. Parking options is available near the hotel room. gives detailed information on Inverell Airport and flights to Inverell.

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