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Royal National Park Wollongong


Wollongong is the third largest city in the state of New South Wales after newcastle and Sydney. It is located in the Illawar region which is 82 km to the south of Sydney, situated on the eastern coast of Australia. Wollongong means the “sound of sea” in the Aboriginal language. Some experts are also of the opinion it might mean “great feast of fish”. Royal National Park, Wollongong, Australia are one of the major tourist attractions in Wollongong.

Royal National Park, Wollongong, Australia is basically a national park which is located 29 kms to the south of Sydney at New South Wales. Royal National Park, Wollongong, Australia after Yellowstone in the USA, is the second oldest national park of the world which was established in 1879. The area of the park is not large but within this limited area the resources of nature are in abundance. There are many great surf beaches, riverside picnic spots, rainforest cycle tracks, clifftop heathland walks and many more in the park which can keep you engage for hours. In the year 2006, this park was added to the lists of National Heritage.

Royal National Park in Wollongong, Australia has thick forest area along Lady Carrington Drive. Beside the Hacking River, there is a cycling and walking track where you can spend time exploring down the lanes. If you like swimming, then you can swim along at Wattamolla, in the lagoon or in the beach. Audley, in Royal National Park at Wollongong in Australia can evoke the sense of a Victorian park life inside you. There are picnic lawns and rowboats here which can give you the absolute thrill of adventure.

The coast track here provides spectacular views and also projects diverse environments which itself is unique. Some other tourist attractions in Wollongong which are in this park are Jibbon Hill, Eagle Rock and Garie Beach. While Jibbon Hill has excellent views of the Sutherland Peninsula, Eagle Rock is a unique rock formation near Curracarong. When viewed from the side it looks more like an eagle head.

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