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Kiama Blowhole Wollongong


Wollongong is affectionately known as “the Gong”. This city has an industrial port, cola mines and is also known to have a history of mining and industry. Every year the University of Wollongong attracts large number of international students. It is also the regional center for the South Coast Fishing industry. There are also many tourist attractions in this region. Kiama Blowhole, Wollongong, Australia is one of the tourist destinations of the region.

The main Kiama Blowhole, Wollongong, Australia was discovered by George Bass while he was on a coastal tour in 1797. He anchored his whaleboat in a sheltered Bay which later came to be known as Kiama Harbor. According to Bass there are several evidence which point towards the existence of volcanic fire. However Bass is not the only person to discover the Kiama Blowhole, Wollongong, Australia. For several generations, the local Aboriginals had refereed to it as Khanterintee. In fact the name Kiama itself is derived from a local aboriginal word which signifies “where the sea makes noise”.

Kiama Blowhole in Wollongong,Australia is located in the town of Kiama and is a major tourist attraction. The blowhole can spray water upto 82ft under certain sea conditions. The quantity of water is so much that it can drench any person standing within its vicinity. It is also the biggest blowhole of the world. Kiama Blowhole at Wollongong in Australia is more of a surfing experience than a dive. When you come across the blowhole you get completely sucked into the cave and then you have to back out. The cave itself is not too deep only few meters. However if you are an adventurous sort then you should definitely experience diving into the blowhole.

There are some other tourist attractions in Australia too apart from the blowhole. At Kiama itself, you will come across the Kiama Sponge gardens. Still blowhole holds the first place where tourist attraction is concerned.

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