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Excursions from Wollongong


Wollongong, after Newcastle and Sydney is the third largest city in the state of New South Wales. It is located 82 km south of Sydney, in the Illawarra region, on the eastern coast of Australia. In the Aboriginal language, Wollongong means the “sound of sea”. Some others are of the opinion that it means “great feast of fish”. Excursions from Wollongong, Australia are very popular among the tourists.

Royal National Park are a must visit during your excursions from Wollongong, Australia. This is the world's second oldest national park. It was originally known as “The National Park” but after the visit of Elizabeth II, Queen of Australia while on her way to Wollongong, it was renamed in 1955. There are many picnic sites, BBQ areas and walking trails out there at Wollongong. Mountain biking is permitted here and you can explore the area on your bicycle.

Another place which you should never overlook while on your excursions from Wollongong, Australia is the Kiama Blowhole. During your Wollongong excursions, Australia you will find this blowhole in the town of Kiami at New South Wales. Among the tourist attractions in Wollongong, this is an important tourist destination. The blowhole has been known to spray water upto 25 m under certain sea conditions. It is known to be the biggest blowhole of the world.

Excursions from Wollongong in Australia cannot be complete if you do not visit the Kangaroo Valley. It is a town located in the Illawara region of New South Wales in Australia. This place is about two hours north of Canberra and two hours drive from south-west of Sydney. The oldest suspension bridge in Australia, Hampden Bridge is located there in the Kangaroo Valley. Earlier the town was known as Osborne.

Among the list of tourist attractions in Wollongong, Lake Illawarra holds an important place. If you are keen on seeing the vastness of Lake Illawarra, then you should take the heritage train, the Cockatoo Run and watch the different colors of the Lake Illawarra as it winds up the side of the Illawarra Escarpment along one of the steep rail sections of Australia.

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