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Wollongong Tours


One of the most exciting tourist destinations in Australia is Wollongong. It is a complete entertainment site where people can enjoy and relax. A pleasure trip to Wollongong can be done through guided Wollongong tours, which can be from exploring the natural beauty of the city to visiting museums and temples. The following tours to Wollongong can show you the city’s most beautiful and popular hotspots-

Scenic Bridge to Beaches Joy Flight in a Light Aircraft

The scenic beauty of the long stretched Wollongong coastlines from bridge to beaches can be experienced on a joy flight in a Light Aircraft. This three passenger capacity light aircraft will take you over the spectacular Lake Illawarra, the Wollongong city and Stanwell Park. The aircraft takes off from Albion Park and after 40 minutes of flying, it lands to the Sea cliff bridge. You can capture the scenic beauty through your camera.

Location: Flight Departure:
Albion Park, located (approx. 20 minutes south of Wollongong)

40 Minutes
Kiama Harbor Game and Reef Fishing Charters

If you like an adventure trip with a bit of activity, Kiama Harbour Game and Reef Fishing Charters is there for you. You will be provided with all the tools needed for fishing, a ‘Seaker’ and a captain to guide you. All you have to do is to show your fishing skills. A Seaker is a custom built 38 foot charter vessel equipped with outriggers, game-chairs and several other electronic equipments. The spacious deck allows you to do an easy fishing of the reef’s aquatic beings, including Blue Marlin and Yellowfin Tuna.

Kiama Harbor

Half-day bottom fishing charters
Full day game fishing charters

Adventure plus Paragliding

Wollongong Tours is all about thrilling activity-based trips in and around the city of Wollongong. Through these activity-based trips, one can explore the city more and more. Paragliding is one of the most popular activities here. If you are passionate about flying and have at least 18 years of flying experience, this is your sport. Fly over the dense forests, beaches of the South Coast and sea cliffs, and enjoy the scenic beauty to its fullest. This tandem paragliding is not for the amateurs; however, one can watch and enjoy the view of the Paragliders flying high.

Lawrence Hargraves Car Park

No limited durations

Canoe and Kayak Adventures

One of the most pleasure trips of Wollongong is the Canoe and Kayak Adventures. Cruise on a canoe, kayak or a sea-kayak, and explore the beautiful Minnamurra River. The alluring views of sandstone cliffs, swimming holes with freshwater and the native plants and animals are the major attraction of the tour.

Minnamurra River

Full Day
Half Day (can be extended further or customized)

Bushwalks around the Wollongong

Hiking or bushwalking is one of the most popular sports of Australia. The South Coast Safaris provide extensive facilities for guided bushwalking. You can venture into the extensive rainforests and cliff trails of Wollongong. While bushwalking, you can also get a glimpse of the Illawarra coastline and the wide blue ocean. Every level of fitness is allowed for the bushwalks.


Full Day
Half Day (can be extended further or customized)

Last updated on 1/11/2010

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