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Victoria Harbor Tourist Attractions


There are plenty of places to visit in the world, not many have a great skyline, amazing skyscrapers and splendid beaches. The Victoria Harbor is one of the places in this world to offer a wide variety in tours. Previously named as Hong Kong Harbor, the harbor's first recreational activities were water polo and swimming. The harbor has a spread of 41.88 sq km. The major islands located in the Victoria Harbor are-

  • Green Island
  • Kowloon Rock
  • Little Green Island
  • Tsing Yi Island
Emily Carr House

Emily Carr is one of Canada's most popular artists. Her house is one of the major attractions among the tourists, especially her fans. The house is quite near to the Inner Harbor and Beacon Hill Park.

Inner Harbor

Inner Harbor is a home to the popular artists, buskers and other entertainers during summertime. Myriads of programs and concerts are organized here. Chinatown

The Chinatown is an area near the Victoria harbor, which provides a glimpse to the culture of Chinese people. The roads are decorated with Chinese adornments along withThe Gates of Harmonious concern. You can experience the fine Chinese dining or lunch here, with Chinese vegetables and fruits stores. You can also try the special bubble tea here.

Beacon Hill Park

The Becon Hill Park consists of a waterfront in its south end with an extensive footpath.You can enjoy the panoramic view of the Olympic Mountains from there. The hill park is situated on the Dallas Rd, in the west of Douglas Street. Beacon Hill Children's Farm of Beacon Hill Park is an area for the children where one can pet the goat. Butchart Gardens

Located in Brentwood Bay, the Butchart Gardens is a big planted garden. The garden is placed on a limestone quarry. There are fireworks accompanied with music during the summers and the garden has 12 days of Christmas celebration illustrations with lights. There are several tours organized for the Butchart Gardens from Victoria Harbor. You can reach Butchart by a ferry ride or by hiring a bus.

Rotunda of the Provincial Legislature

Rotunda of the Provincial Legislature is a pavilion of Legislative Buildings located at the Inner Harbor. The major attraction of the pavilion is it light decoration.About 13,000 lights glow up making the building visibly attractive.

Miniature World

The miniature is one of the favorite tourist attractions of Victoria Harbor. Here, you can find a wide-ranged display of mini cities, landscapes, etc. There are few miniatures, which are quite funny due to their mismatched scales compared with an original one. This miniature world also houses world's smallest working saw mill with a ratio of 1:12 times smaller than the actual size.

Royal British Columbia Museum

Royal British Columbia Museum houses exhibits dating within 1850 to 1920 before Christ. The museum is divided in three categories-

Modern History, story of the European settlement
First Peoples, pre-contact and post-contact
Natural History, mainly oceans, large animals, and climate
The three sections have a wide range of exhibits, which have their own stories to tell. The Royal British Columbia Museum is one of the two museums of Canada, which is honored with the ‘royal’ designation.

IMAX Theater

The IMAX Theater hosts plenty of shows in its screen.It is quite popular among the young tourists, who want to experience the theaters of Victoria Harbor.

Craigdarroch Castle Historical Museum

Craigdarroch Castle Historical Museum is located in the Rockland area of Victoria Harbor. The Craigdarroch Castle Historical Museum is basically a castle,which was built by a prosperous and influential Scottish family in 1890.At that time, the family possessed over a quarter of Vancouver Island. The museum is also famous for its excellent architectural designs.

Victoria Bug Zoo

Located on the Courtney Street, wide varieties of animals are found here, including some rare species. It is a great place for the kids as well as for the adults. There are a plenty of guides to help you identifying the creatures.

Abkhazi Gardens

Located on Fairfield Road, this is one of the most romantic gardens of the world. The garden is the memoir of the love story between Prince and Princess Abkhazi. They, with the help of designer John Wade, constructed this marvelous garden. The garden took 40 years to construct. The garden is the perfect tourist spot for honeymoon couples. The garden is situated on a beautiful area, which overlooks the Olympic Mountains.

Last updated on 1/11/2010
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