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Victor Harbor Tours


Victoria Harbor is the naturally formed harbor of South China Sea. Strategically located between Kowloon Peninsula and lively city Hongkong, the harbor is a paradise for the tourists. Plenty of tourists visit this harborevery year and appreciate the breath-taking beauty of this place. A host of Victoria Harbor Tours are organized in and around the harbor showcasing the beauty of the skyscrapers, the city, the river and the beaches.

Victoria Harbor Ferry Tours

One of the most thrilling tours in Hong Kong is Victoria Harbor Ferry Tour. The ferry tour of Victoria Harbor is accredited as one of the best guided tours in British Columbia. With this guided ferry tour, you can venture the historical landmarks, famous restaurants, marine life etc.On every Sunday morning, you can also experience the awesome Water ballet in the Inner Harbor. You can even enjoy waterside dining with sociable skippers and floating home communities there.A 45 minute ferry ride can be among the most remarkable tours of your life you ever experienced. The things you can see and experience during the ferry ride are:

  • Boating
  • Sailing
  • Houseboats
  • Shipyards
  • Historic buildings
  • Bridges
  • Seaside restaurants
  • Marine wildlife
  • Reversing waterfalls
  • Seaside pubs
  • Fishing boats
  • Sea planes
  • Seaside trails
  • Historic buildings
  • Stately buildings
  • Luxury yachts
A Symphony of Lights Cruise

Victoria harbor is a place of amazing attractions. One of these is A Symphony of Lights cruise, where you can experience the dream world of dancing lights, amultimedia show. The TsimShaTsui buildings along with the Hong Kong buildings host this dazzling multimedia show. This is one of the most spectacular shows of Victoria Harbor, where 44 waterside buildings become extremely prominent with light and sound. At around 8PM, the buildings become magnificently bright under the effect of colored lights, search lights and laser-beams. Apart from the internal lightning, the buildings are decorated with neon lights which frequently change patterns. Along with the lights, the 13 minutes show is accompanied by commentaries and music. The show is recorded in the Guinness Book of World records as the biggest Light and Sound show.

Afternoon Western Shoreline and Tsing Ma Bridge Cruise

If you love cruising, Afternoon Western Shoreline and Tsing Ma Bridge is the perfect destination for you.While cruising, you can see the giant skyscrapers of Hong Kong and Kowloon, the Royal Nautical Base of Britain, Victoria Peak, etc. The cruise on a Chinese styled tour boat takes you to one of the oldest typhoon shelters of Hong Kong in Yau Ma Tei.The cruise also takes you to the world's largest road and rail suspension bridge known as Tsing Ma Bridge. This bridge links the city of Hong Kong to the airport.

Victoria Harbor Cruise In the evening

As the sun sets and the night falls, the harbor becomes more glamorous, with light decors and bright skyscrapers. Cruising across the harbor in the evening while gazing at the skyline and skyscrapers can be avidelyromantic.You can plan your itinary before cruising, or can cruise around the TshimShaTsui Promenade, western District, Causeway Bay typhoon and wan-chi district.While the neon-lit bright buildings will captivate you, the cool sea breeze will make you feel like in heaven.

Victoria Harbor Cruise at night

The Victoria Harbor is an ideal destination for the fun loving people. Apart from the splendid beauty of the harbor, the night life in Hong Kong is mind-blowing. The city of Hong Kong never sleeps, and its live example is its night life. Hong Kong is the houses the best nightclubs and seafood dining destinations. The tours that are operated just for the nights of Victoria Harbor are as follows:

  • Lei YueMun Seafood Village Dinner Cruise
  • Aberdeen &Harbour Night
  • Pearl by Night
  • Top of the Town and Night Cruise
  • Splendid Night of Delights
  • Lamma Island Romance Tour
  • Open-Top Bus Starry Night
  • Highlight of the Night
  • Victoria Romance
  • The Big Bus Night Tour
Outlying Islands Tours

Apart from cruising, you can take a little bit of adventure trip and can visit the outlying islands and the lush country parks. Take a walk towards the mountain trails or relax on the splendid beaches, the outlying islands offer a wide variety of places to venture around. Enjoy the festivity of the place or dine in some alfresco restaurant,every moment you spend here will be quite lively and fun-filled.

While on ferry rides, you can visit the Lantau Island where, apart from the mountains and beaches, you can get a spectacular glimpse of giant Buddha.In the Lamma Islands, you can experience gourmet seafood, scenic trails and quaint villages.

Touring the Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak is a mountain located near the Victoria Harbor, which provides plenty of opportunities for the tourists for trekking and mountaineering.Myriads of tours are organized here for the view of Victoria Harbor.Apart from the adventures, here you can purchase some stuffs for yourself from Peak Galleria or can relax in the Peak Tower.One of the major tourist attractions is the Victoria Peak Garden, which was the summer residence of the Governor previously.

Touring on a Star Ferry

The Star ferry company was founded in 1888 as a public transport. The prominent itineraries of the ferry service are from Hong Kong, Kowloon and Victoria Harbor. There are 12 ferries operating from four lines and carries more than 70 thousand passengers per day. The ferries can also be reserved for events, cruises or ceremonies. The ferries are available with tables, AC, Music system and big windows.

Kowloon Markets Tour

After venturing the Victoria Harbor and enjoying the beauty, you may like to purchase some gifts or souvenirs for your loved ones. Start touring from the Jade market, which is the market of accessories made up of Green stones. The ladies market consists of dresses, accessories, beauty products and other essential ladies products.The flower market consists of all types of flowers sold in retail as well as wholesale prices.You can also take a walk to the Tin Hau Temple Complex and Yuen Po Street Bird Garden.


Victoria Harbor is one of the most attractive places to visit because of its multiplicity andliveliness. With a splendid natural beauty, it has plenty of man-made tourist attractions too, which makes it more alluring. From beaches to nightlife, the harbor gives not a single idle moment to its visitors.

Last updated on 1/11/2010
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