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Reef HQ Aquarium


A number of reasons make Townsville one of the most preferred tourist destinations in Queensland, Australia. Its closeness to the major metro cities of Cairns (350 km) and Brisbane (1,300 km), the natural riches, jazz, sports and happening nightlife are mainly responsible for the huge influx of tourists. With the Ross River running through, and a tropical but pleasant climate, the city lies on the banks of the Cleveland Bay. One of the popular tourist sites in this city is the Reef HQ Aquarium, Townsville, a visit to which will actually prove greatly worthwhile to any tourist.

Visits to the major Tourist Attractions in Townsville have to be parts of any of your Townsville Tours whatsoever. The Reef HQ Aquarium, Townsville is one of the alluring points of interest for the children as well as the grown ups. Ideally world’s biggest alive coral reef aquarium and the country’s only reef education centre for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, the Reef HQ Aquarium shelters 130 coral species and 120 fish species and several species of sea-urchins, sea stars, brittle stars, worms, sea-cucumbers, feather stars snails, sponges to name a few.

Predators like sea turtles, reef sharks, stingrays and big predatory fish such as Giant Trevally and Humphead Maori Wrasse are to be found in the Reef HQ Aquarium. Situated in Flinders Street East adjoining the Museum of Tropical Queensland, the Reef HQ Aquarium is easily accessible from the Strand, the Central Business District, Magnetic Island ferry terminal and Jupiters Casino.

Some of the facilities available at Reef HQ Aquarium are as follows:

  • Car/coach parking
  • Café
  • Shopping
The above knowhow about the Reef HQ Aquarium, in Townsville - one of the most Cities in Australia should undoubtedly be more than sufficient for a curious tourist and will encourage you to undertake a tour to the city of Townsville as well. However you can also opt to visit places like Dairy Farmer’s Stadium, Castle Hill and Museum of Tropical Queensland.

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