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Village Boulevard


One of the fast growing modern cities in North Queensland is Thuringowa. Though the heart of this city is buzzing with chic shopping malls, reputed restaurants and other attractions, the main attraction of this city is its Riverway. This recreational spot in Thuringowa is situated along the River Ross. With the development of Riverway in the year 2006, Thuringowa has become a perfect destination for a fun-filled vacation. While you are in Thuringowa Tours, explore the cultural and recreational hub of the city Riverway. Village Boulevard, Thuringowa is one of the premier tourist attractions in Thuringowa that leads you to Riverway.

Riverway, Thuringowa is a riverfront parkland which was opened for the public in July 2006. The main attractions of this tourist spot are culture center, swimming lagoons, the public art gallery and café. Come to Riverway following the path connecting the city and park and explore various attractions. Riverway, Thuringowa boasts of its Riverway Art Center, Pinnacles Gallery, Loam Island, Riverway Stadium, BHP Billiton Yabulu Eco Active Center.

Without spoiling the natural beauty of the river Ross, Riverway has used the river as a prime water sports spot. This area comprised of Pioneer Park, Loam Island, Ross Park, Apex Park and many other recreational parks. Village Boulevard is the shady path leading you to the recreational centers of Riverway. Following the edge of River Ross, Village Boulevard, Thuringowa forms the major attraction of Riverway (Pioneer Park).

Pioneer Park is one of the most breathtaking river settings where the activities, landscape and the buildings are intertwined. The park has given emphasis on the co-existence of nature and people and to the rational use of natural energy to keep balance in the nature.

The Village Boulevard, Thuringowa are joining the two major public building situated on its opposite ends. One building is of the Riverway Arts Center and the other one is Riverway Sports Center. If you want to enjoy the cultural events then your destination must be the Arts center and if you are a sports lover, move to Sports Center. This center is a haven for cricket and football lovers.

The Village Boulevard with its roadside beauties is one of the major sightseeing spots in Thuringowa. Come and enjoy the beauty of this scenic spot. provides you more information about Village Boulevard, Thuringowa.

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