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Piper`s Lookout


Covering the northern and western areas of the metropolitan area of Townsville, the city of Thuringowa is a dream land of calm beaches, creeks, holiday outings, football freaks and art lovers. One of the most visited cities in Australia, it was actually named after the German region of Thuringia. On any tour to this city of the north of Queensland, you ought to visit the Piper`s Lookout, Thuringowa, one of the most liked tourist sites in the area. A perfect holiday destination for the weekend, the city still retains an air of freshness and innocence.

Visit to the Piper`s Lookout, Thuringowa as a part of trips to the various tourist attractions in Thuringowa can be really engaging. Drive down the Hervey Range Road starting from Thuringowa Central towards your destination – the Piper`s Lookout, Thuringowa. Ride through the towns of Rangewood and Rupertswood to reach your goal which is near the top of the Hervey Range. Basically a spread out area offering fascinating views of Nature’s riches, the Piper`s Lookout is a pet choice for the tourists visiting Thuringowa.

Thus named after Fred Piper in the year 1951 after his death while shoveling off snow from the way, Piper`s Lookout is almost a piece of heaven on earth. Look down the range and your eye meets the stunning scenery of Bega Valley - the bushland below. Sights down the Hervey Range are awesome with the greenery and the fresh air amidst the browns of the mountains. Further down you encounter the deep blue shades of the Pacific Ocean, reaching almost a moment of emancipation and elevation in the lap of Nature.

Hop into the café at the Piper`s Lookout to sip into some beverages and munch into some snacks to make your day tangy.

The above information about the Piper`s Lookout, Thuringowa on any of your Thuringowa Tours will certainly prove hugely satisfactory for an inquisitive tourist. However you can also choose to visit places like Riverway, Ross Park, Pioneer Park, Apex Park, Loam Island, the Ross River Dam and Dairy Farmers Stadium.

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