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Lake Ross


A city that enjoys warm sunny days for most of the year, bustling with activity with recreational facilities galore- that's how you can sum up the city of Thuringowa. Fed by the Ross River, the city has an amalgamation of recreational and entertaining activities to offer. The main center of tourist attraction is Riverway, which is fed by the River Ross. The dam wall on this river is the longest in the Southern Hemisphere, and stretches across the floodplain for a length of 8.3 kilometers. Lake Ross, as it is called, is listed as a Wetland Of National Significance.

One of the places to visit when in Thuringowa is definitely the dam on River Ross for its sheer beauty. It provides a natural habitat for a diversity of water birds and over 220 species of birds have been recorded in or around the lake. Lake Ross is also surrounded by the unspoilt Savannahs which has a wide variety of wildlife.

There is a multitude of things to do in Thurngowa. You could go for a stroll on Riverwalk, a three meter wide pathway overlooking the beautiful Ross River, which runs along the river. It provides an opportunity to look at nature up, close and personal. If birdwatching is what you are interested in, then follow Riverway Drive till you get to the Dam Park at the end of the road. The peace and quiet at Lake Ross, which has a favorable habitat for various species of birds, offers rare opportunities to watch them.

There are enough activities going on at Lake Ross to keep you busy throughout the day. If water sports is your cup of tea, then go skiing and water boarding on the lake. You could also spend a lazy day fishing in the lake, amidst the nature.

Thuringowa has earned itself a reputation of being a major tourist attraction and provides entertainment and recreation for all ages. With its central parkland Riverway offering all types of entertainment to all age groups, by the side of Ross River, holiday makers flock to the city for a taste of all the fun that Thuringowa has to offer.

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