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Thuringowa Tourist Attractions


Thuringowa in Queensland Australia has two main divisions- city of Thuringowa and Central Thringowa. The city is situated in North Queensland and covers the western part of Townsville. Central Thuringowa is the business and commercial region.

Thuringowa is named after German region of Thuringia. In its earlier days, Thuringowa was a shire surrounding Townsville. It was a rural region that was popular for vegetation and agricultural productions.

Thuringowa Central region today is the commercial center of Townsville and Thuringowa. Commercial buildings and offices towers across the city and people are mostly involved in professional and financial services. This suburban region has many attractions and is a popular tourist destination. Most people prefer to stay in the hotels of Central Thuringowa because of the increased accessibility to the place. Willows Shoppingtown in Kirwan is a nearby major retail centre in Central Thuringowa.

Top Thuringowa tourist attractions

Thuringowa tourist attractions largely include parks, gardens, beaches, and cultural institutions. This is because Thuringowa is a place close to the coastline and on the riverbank. Below given are some popular Thuringowa tourist attractions.

Pioneer Park and Ross River

The Pioneer Park and Ross River is located on the banks of the river. The park is an important tourist recreational center. Fishing is an important activity in this region. Pioneer Park is among the greatest activity center in Queensland. The park features recreational facilities, fishing spots, sports venues, picnic spots, and barbeque areas. It is the location of the Thuringowa Riverway project. The project caters to the development of the region. A major community facility, the railways project links major parts of the city of Thuringowa and Central Thuringowa. Integrated facilities, park attractions, and the natural environment makes this place an interesting one. It is worth visiting during the summer afternoons. You can enjoy the cool breeze of the river and a natural setting.

The Riverwalk is a three-meter dividing pathway that overlooks the Ross River. The recreational centers and spots are located around these the pathway. The park has been a desired destination for birdwatchers and biologists.

Popular activities at the Pioneer Park and Ross River include the following:

  • Birdwatching
  • Canoeing
  • Cycling in the garden
  • Fishing
  • Kayaking
  • Skiing in the water
Contact: Pioneer Park and Ross River
Thuringowa Drive
Thuringowa, Queensland

Riverway Arts Centre

Riverway Arts Centre is situated close to the river and the Pioneer Park and Ross River. It features a performance space and function gallery with 380 seats. There is a function room, the Pinnacles Gallery, rehearsal room, and exhibition rooms for the various art groups.

Pinnacles Gallery displays contemporary and modern art forms. It features all kind of modern arts by national and international artists and educators. Australian painters find a unique space in this gallery that hosts several monthly events. Many world-renowned painters, artists, photographers, and amateur designers attend the monthly art events and festivals. The theater screens popular children’s and art related documentaries for the tourists. It is one of the cultural hotspots in Queensland promoting ancient and modern Thuringowa art and culture. It also raises cultural awareness among the children. The exhibition themes often revolve around social, historical, and cultural developments of Australia.

The natural environment surrounding the building allows the visitors to experience the beauty of the place. An early morning visit to this place will be a memorable experience for you. Recognized as an educational center, the Riverway Arts Centre is visited by all those people coming to relax by the side of Ross River.

The impressive world-class facilities at the place are a major draw for tourists. It has also opened avenues for corporate exhibitions, sale of paintings, and social cultural meets in the city.

Hours of operation
Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

Riverway Arts Centre
20 Village Boulevard
Thuringowa Central QLD 4817
Tel: (07) 4773 8888

Toomulla Beach

This is an isolated beach in Thuringowa city limits. It is a relaxing place for birdwatchers and couples who want to spend quiet moments with their partners amidst nature. To have a hassle-free vacation, this is the perfect location for you to visit. There is also a boat ramp, fishing zone, and lot of sand dunes. The camping spots are located at the edge of the beach. Adventure tourists make night stays here and have camp-fire parties especially during the winter months. It also has parking zones for vehicles.

Getting to Toomulla Beach is also easy. You need to go 32 km north along the Bruce Highway from Thuringowa Central business district region.


Riverway is located on the banks of Ross River passing through Thuringowa. In recent years, it has developed into a great tourist spot. Every year, there are thousands visiting this place from several parts of Australia. Riverway is accessible by river boats and other ferry services from Thuringowa city. Considered an exciting destination, the place offers stunning beauty, wonderful weather, beach activities, and fishing facilities to visitors.

Riverway features residential commercial, cultural, sports, and educational avenues t the local residents. It is part of the city development project. Initiated by Thuringowa City Council, the ecosystem of the place is an important natural resource to plants, animals, and people of the region. The neighborhoods around Riverway experience cool summers and dry winters. Waterfront activities are popular among the children and adventure tourists. Summer season has many picnics and parties taking place along the banks of the river. Broadways and pathways allow people to go for morning and evening walks. Riverway eventually has turned into a conservation zone for many plant species and also the river. The place is also situated near shopping centers and visitors opt for shopping as well.

The place is also host to a number of events and festivals. There are Christmas and New Year carnivals taking place every year.

Contact: Riverway

Shopping centers are also part of tourist attractions in Thuringowa. Below given are few specialty stores, shopping malls, and markets in the city attracting international tourists.

  • Sunland Plaza
  • Canon Park City Centre
  • Centro Deeragun
  • Upper Ross Shopping Centre
  • Willows Shoppingtown
  • Parkside Plaza
  • MountView Plaza

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Last updated on 1/11/2010
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