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Entertainment and nightlife in Thuringowa


Thuringowa located in North Queensland is a relatively new city. Before being incorporated as a city in 1986 it was a small shire. Ross River flowing through the city is the hub of all activities like leisure, recreation, sports, eateries and commercial dealings. The Riverway overlooking the river is the most happening place in the whole of Thuringowa. Stretching over the major portion of the River this place is also the hub of cultural activities with the Pinnacle art gallery. Exclusive boutiques, gift shops, beauty salons and eateries abound this place. Entertainment and nightlife in Thuringowa is a major preoccupation with the locals and the tourists who come to visit this place.

With hundreds of hotels, restaurants and pubs Riverways is a non stop action. It is a complete hedonistic vacation experience. If you are considering Entertainment in Thuringowa the two lagoon styled swimming pool in the area are just apt. Take a quick dip in the pool for a refreshing day. For the ultimate excitement try out the many pubs in the Riverway Village Precincts. If the frenetic Entertainment and nightlife in Thuringowa is not for you then head straight for the beaches. This is a more serene and quiet sort of entertainment apt for people who want to give the hustle and bustle of city life a miss. Some of the famous beaches in close proximity to Thuringowa are Balgal Beach, Saunders Beach and Toomulla Beach.

If you are considering Entertainment and nightlife in Thuringowa you can also check out the Village Boulevard and the Riverway Art center. Nightlife in Thuringowa is as eventful as its day time entertainment. The many pubs and restaurants here in the Village Precincts of Riverway is an apt spot to spend a nightout. With its scenic locale and buzzing tourist population this place never fails to dishearten you.

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