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Sydney Harbour Bridge


Sydney is the capital of New South Wales and Sydney Cove is the region where the first European settlements occurred in 1788. According to the historical findings the area was inhabited by the indigenous Australians as early as 30,000 years ago. Sydney is one of the coastal basins and is bordered by the Pacific Ocean, Haweksbury River and the Blue Mountains. The Sydney Harbour is the largest harbour of the World. There are nearly 70 harbour and beaches in Sydney and the most well known among them is the Bondi Beach. Sydney covers two important regions called the Hornsby Plateau and the Cumberland Plain. One of the important places in Sydney is the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney are and draws a lot or tourists.

Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney is considered to be one of the most important landmarks of Sydney. The Bridge was inaugurated in 1932 and since then has continued to enthrall the tourists. It is one of the engineering wonders and also provides with a significant link between the resident north and the city center of the south.

Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney is popularly called the “Coat Hanger” and it took 8 years to build this marvelous structure. It was manufactured in sections and was a hard toil on the part of those who built it. Sydney Harbour Bridge in Sydney has foundations which is 12 meters deep and is built on sandstone. There are anchoring tunnels which run across a length of 36 meters. The construction began on the month of November in 1929.

On Sydney Tours do not miss out on the Sydney Harbour Bridge where you will get an opportunity to visualize an arch which supports the bridge and covers nearly 503 meters. All the arrangements are there in the Bridge to take care during the various weather conditions.

Tours to Sydney are very special because you come across this bridge which took a total of 6.25 million Australian pounds to build. It takes nearly 5 million $ to maintain the bridge on an annual basis. Nearly 1400 workers put in their effort to build this bridge.

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