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Featherdale Wildlife Park


The most populous city in Australia, Sydney possesses a metropolitan area population of approximately 4.12 million. The leading economic sectors of Sydney include manufacturing, property and business services, media, health, community services and most importantly tourism. The Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney is one tourist spot that helps in pulling huge crowds from all over the world thereby helping in the betterment of the tourism industry.

The Featherdale Wildlife Park shelters a varied population of native animals. The native animals include wallabies, kangaroos, koalas and flying foxes. There are a wide variety of beautiful birds as well, that include kookaburras, emus and many more. The most interesting part is that the sweet Koalas just cling to the trees and sleep, but never fall off. The koalas are not kept in cages, but in pens. The pens are open at the top and have a wall that is just about halfway up.

The kangaroos and wallabies are actually kept free, there are only areas with shade and huts. The area is surrounded by a small wooden fence. The visitors are allowed to feed the wallabies and kangaroos with the food sold to the them inside the Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney.

Although some of the animals and the birds are caged, but there were plenty of wild birds who were roaming around for a free feed. Some of the unique animals to be found in the Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney in Australia include wombats, dingos, giant lizards/iguanas and penquins.

The Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney offers certain facilities to the guests. The list of facilities include a Cafe, souvenir shop, shady picnic areas with BBQs, disabled facilities and baby changing facilities. So go ahead and make your visit to the Featherdale Wildlife Park of Sydney a memorable and enjoyable experience.

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