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Kenilworth State Forest


The Kenilworth State Forest can be easily reached in about two hours drive towards the north of Brisbane. The Kenilworth State Forest, Sunshine Coast lies in the headwaters of the Mary Valley, close to the south of the town of Kenilworth.

The State Forest in Kenilworth extends over an area of 20,000 hectares and covers two major camping precincts with four actual campgrounds. If the tourists head for Kenilworth State Forest, from Brisbane, the turn-offs are to the left. The forest can be ventured into by two closely spaced roads.

The State Forest in Kenilworth offers a spectacular view of the deep gorges, and mountain streams. The overall ambience of the place is ideally suited for relaxing and activities like cycling and horse riding. The place can also be used as a picnic spot.

The major campgrounds in Kenilworth State Forest in Sunshine Coast, Queensland are the Camping cum Day-use areas of Booloumba Creek and Charlie Moreland. The former are closer to the first entrance to the park from Brisbane while the latter is closer from the second. Both these places are ideally suited for night-stays as they are provided with amenities such as clean toilets, fireplaces, and safe drinking water.

The Kenilworth State Park also has a long loop road which can be covered in an hour. While going through the way the road also has some walking tracks and some interesting places. The roads can be clearly identified by the marks left behind by the tyres of vehicles of two-wheel drive which are the most common means of transport in the Kenilworth State Forest, Sunshine Coast.

The forest is managed by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS). The temperatures remain at a bearable level for a major part of the year though they may rise up to 30 degrees Celsius in summer and drop below zero in winter.

Apart from all these features the fact that the Kenilworth State Forest, Sunshine Coast can be easily accessed from various parts, in and around the city of Sunshine Coast also makes it one of the major Tourist Attractions in Sunshine Coast.

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