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Glasshouse Mountains


The Glasshouse Mountains in Sunshine Coast, Australia, is one of the chief Tourist Attractions in Sunshine Coast. These are a group of about ten hills that rise abruptly from the coastal plain of Sunshine Coast in the State of Queensland. The Glasshouse Mountains, Sunshine Coast offer some of the most exciting climbing experiences in this part of the world. While some of the mountains have easy bush-walking trails, others require a great deal of climbing skills.

The Glasshouse Mountains in Sunshine Coast, Queensland are said to have been formed by the deposition of molten lava from the hotspot in East Australia, which has cooled to form hard rock in the cores of volcanoes between 27-26 million years ago. Hence these mountains are made of igneous rocks. Some of the softer rocks have eroded with the passage of time, thus forming the stunning volcanic plugs that can be seen today.

The highest mountain among these Glasshouse Mountains, Sunshine Coast is Mount Beerwah (which lies 556 meters above sea level). However, of all the mountains, the most striking one is Mount Tibrogargan which appears to be a giant ape sitting by the roadside and staring at the sea.

Glass House Mountains also refers to a hinterland town in Sunshine Coast, which lies in the local government area of Caloundra City and at a distance of 70 kilometers towards the north of Brisbane, the capital of Queensland. The Glasshouse here refers to the mountains as well as the National Park in this region.

Glasshouse Mountains has a population that exceeds 900. Farming of sugarcane and pineapple is the main occupation of the local residents. The town also has a train station and a railway line that heads northwards towards Northern Queensland and southwards towards Brisbane. The place is also known for its well maintained soccer grounds which were built by the donations offered by the farmers of the area. For all these reasons, the Glasshouse Mountains, Sunshine Coast has gained popularity as a tourist attraction in Queensland. provides detailed, online information on Glasshouse Mountains, Sunshine Coast, Sunshine Coast Tours, as well as those to other Cities in Queensland.

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