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Coolum Beach


Coolum Beach, Sunshine Coast is one of the most attractive beaches in Australia. This is one of the exotic beaches on Sunshine Coast, in the eastern part of Australia. A long stretch of pristine white sand beach, the vast expanse of blue sea merging with the horizon, and an all pervasive calmness are what Coolum beach has to offer apart from the modern facilities that are also available to the travelers here. Away from the busy and crowded beaches of Australia, this is an ideal paradise for the travelers looking for a calm seaside retreat.

A number of attractions in Coolum Beach, Sunshine Coast entertains the holiday travelers and backpackers and offer a memorable day out in this exotic beach. This beach offers perfect private banks for the serious surfers. These banks and the whole beach are well patrolled for the safety of the travelers and the surfers here. Moreover there are many points in the beach where there are headlands of rocks. These areas offer fascinating and amazing sea view. Some of these areas that are well known for their contrasting beauty with the vast beach at other points, are, Point Arkwright and Point Perry.

Coolum Beach is also surrounded by a huge array of luxurious resorts, apartments and other accommodations for the backpackers. Naturally, travelers coming here either with the plan to stay for long or to have a short trip, will get suitable accommodations in Coolum Beach. There are many seaside eateries as well that offer mouthwatering seafoods and travelers can also spend their time in these restaurants for some time. Walking, strolling or even sun bathing in the beach are other options for a magnificent holiday here.

Coolum Beach, Sunshine Coast attracts travelers for many other exciting points. This place is renowned for many festivals among which the annual Kite Festival is one of the prime attractions in Coolam beach and surrounding areas. During this festival, a number of colorful and different shaped kites are flown from the beach. Some of the kites are tremendously huge and draw admiration of the crowds. With all these festivals, beach activities and water sports, Coolum Beach is really an exotic gateway in Eastern Australia. provides detail information about Coolum Beach and other beaches in Australia.

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