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Sunshine Coast Tours


The Sunshine Coast is a storehouse of natural beauty and is a great centre for arts and culture. Located on the banks of Powell River, the sunshine coast is a wonderful location for spending some relaxed holidays. While on your visit to Sunshine Coast, you can opt for the Sunshine Coast Tours offered by various companies. The food and accommodation is provided by the tour operators, and sometimes, you can pack your lunch and go. There is an entertainment for all age groups, and one of the most thrilling places to visit is Queensland’s premium destination-Sunshine Coast.

Princess Louisa Inlet Tour

The Princess Louisa Inlet is one of the most beautiful places of the Gold Coast. The inlets are formed by the action of the glaciers and cause the steep sides. These steep sides form plenty of waterfalls, which change their appearance seasonally. Plenty of interesting formations are there in Princess Louisa. You can take a boat ride there through Jervis Inlet, with a commentary of the boat operator. The inlet was the homestead of James McDonald. You can also visit the Princess Louisa Marine Park here. Before you enter the inlet, you will find Malibu Club by Young Life. Every year, summer programs are organized there.