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Launceston Tours


Launceston is located in north Tasmania. The city is situated close to North Esk, South Esk, and Tamar River. The second largest among Tasmanian cities, it has a population of 103,325. It is also the ninth largest city in the nation.

One of the oldest cities of Australia, there are many historical buildings, art galleries, and places of attractions. The place has a rich history documented in many of its museums. Europeans settled in this place around 1806, and it shares the same name as the town in United Kingdom.

The cool temperate climate of the place draws a significant number of tourists. During Launceston tours, the visitors can enjoy the historic sites, places of attractions, gardens, parks, zoos, and cultural events in the place.

About Launceston tours

Launceston experienced a boost in tourism in recent years. Tours in Launceston would include wineries, museums, parklands, magnificent old Victorian style buildings, and Tamar Valley. It is a two-hour drive from north Hobart, the largest city of Tasmania. If you are planning this vacation to Launceston, there are many places of visit and things to do with your family.

Some of the popular Launceston tours are given below: Launceston ghost tours

Tasmania has a history of old uninhabited buildings, residential homes, and rebellious past during the white settlement. There were many cases of conviction and trials reported for various crimes in the city. Then, city of Launceston had new migrated people and developments began to take place in the city.

The guided tour is a 90-min walk through the lanes of the ancient streets in the city, where tales of murder and horrific past told to the tourists. The tour is only for the adults. Abundant buildings often referred, as “ghost houses” is part of the tour.

The tours are popular among adventure lovers and believers who find it interesting to know about the city history and embark on an exciting journey at night.

Tamar Valley Tours

Tamar Valley is a desired tourist destination. There are weekend getaway tours and day tours from Launceston from this place. To make a perfect action-packed holiday, you should visit this place. It is one of the ideal destinations within the city limits. Offering excellent views, serenity, and leisure time, Tamar Valley is a sought after place. The place also has a couple of historic attractions.

Tamar Valley tour will include the following experiences: Food and wine

The Tamar Valley Launceston tour will include visit to the wine tasting centers in the region. Tasmania is famous for local wine produce and the huge vineyard. Local inns and restaurants are places for refreshment.

Walking tours

Walking tours in the place will lead you through many places of natural attractions. You can stroll through the parks and reserves. The most popular place in Tamar Valley is the Cataract Gorge. There are also walking trails through the Royal Park and Heritage Forest.

Attractions near Tamar Valley

There are various attractions within driving distance of the Tamar Valley region. They include:

  • Tamar Island Wetlands
  • Brady's Lookout
  • Notley Fern Gorge
  • Hollybank Forest
  • Supply River Mill Reserve
  • Lilydale Falls
  • Liffey Falls
  • Meander Falls
  • Narawntapu National Park
  • Ben Lomond National Park
  • Mount Barrow
  • Alum Cliffs.
Historical attractions in Tamar Valley

Heritage walks are among the top Launceston tours of Tamar Valley

  • National Trust properties
  • Woolmers Estate
  • National Rose Garden
  • Entally House
  • Launceston Historic Walks
  • Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery
  • George Town Heritage Trail
  • York Town Historic Site.
Cataract Gorge tour

The Cataract Gorge is the only river gorge in Launceston city. It is one of the premier attractions in northern Tasmanian region. The big Cataract walk is the most sought after tour. There are many travel agents providing several other walking and vehicles tours in the Cataract Gorge neighborhood.

King’s Bridge-Cataract walk built in the year 1890 borders the north bank of Cataract Gorge. It is a walking trail and tourists often spend hours walking around the riverside. This feature is part of your trip to Cataract Gorge.

A ropeway system also called chair lift was built in 1972. It is the largest of its kind in the world. The span is 308 meters and 924 feet. Early morning and evening experience at on the chairlift is a memorable one. The spectacular aerial view makes this place worth visiting.

Vineyard and wine tours

The winery Launceston tours comprise of visiting the various vineyards and wine processing plants, and wine tasting centers in the region. The Tamar Valley Wineries and the Valleybrook Wine Tours are the most popular ones. There are various wine packages to these places. The grape growing regions have comparatively cooler temperatures. Afternoon strolls in any of the vineyards would be a memorable experience.

If you travel around the Tamar Valley East and west tributary regions, you will come across many such wineries surrounding the Tamar River. The Tamar Valley is known as the paradise of wine lovers. It is home to some of the nation’s largest wine producing centers. Tasmania’s renowned Pinot Noirs, Reislings, Pinot Gris, and Sauvignon Blanc are situated around Launceston.

There are around 28 boutique international wineries in the Tamar valley region. Families residing in the Tamar Valley region own and manage many of the wineries. Cellar door wine tasting is an important activity that tourists can indulge in. In a single tour, you can visit around 8-9 wineries.

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Last updated on 1/11/2010
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