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Gold Coast Tours


If you are looking for Gold Coast Tours, then reading this article might just do you good. A city in the state of Queensland in Australia, called the Gold Coast, is considered to be one of the most populated cities in the country. Also, it is the only city, which is so densely populated but is not a capital state. The place enjoys wonderful weather and with all the activities that it offers, makes it a major destination for tourists.

Gold Coast tour activities:

Be it a child, a teenager or an adult, there are several kinds of activities focusing different age groups; so irrespective of your age, you are sure to have a good time.

Check some interesting activities that you can indulge yourself in:


If you like water sports then try out surfing in the friendly sea waves. In case you dont know surfing, do not be disappointed. There are surfing schools that teach you how to surf. These schools are reliable and allow only six students in each class. Trainers are friendly and give you individual attention. Enroll yourself for a crash course and be well on your way to play along with the waves.

WRX track experience:

The WRX are intentionally constructed paths for you to experience the excitement of rally driving. These tracks allow you to race karts that are off road and are also designed for all age groups

Gold Coast Heli tours:

This is a very popular activity among tourists. Like most other people you can also take a chopper tour and witness the incredible view of Gold Coast from a fantastic standpoint.

Gold Coast Sky Dive:

In case you like adventure then you can also consider skydiving as one of your activities in Gold Coast.


If fishing is one of your hobbies then there are fishing clubs, which you can consider joining. All equipments will be provided to you according to your angling expertise.

Relaxing and sightseeing in Gold Coast:

These are not all, in case you dont like adventure much then you have other activities, which may interest you. There are several visitors who just like relaxing and sightseeing, if you are also one of them then consider giving these a try:

Whale watching tours:

Gold coast tours can involve many activities but whale watching is probably most popular among tourists. The season for whale watching starts from June and goes on till early October.

Rainforest skywalk:

Taking an eco-adventure walk in the nature, exploring the magnificent rainforest habitats and canopies can turn out to be extremely exciting and fun.

Glow warm caves

You can also consider visiting the Tamborine Mountain, winery vineyard and the Glow Worm Caves at Cedar Creek Estate.

Free Activities in Gold Coast

The best thing about Gold Coast is that there are several things you can do, which are free to everyone, like:

Mt. Tamborine walking tracks
Skate boarding and skate parks
Federation walk
Gold coast reserves and parks, etc

How to reach Gold Coast?

Approaching Gold Coast is not a difficult task. The city being one of the most popular tourist-haunts in Australia and abroad, is well connected by air as well as land. There are several renowned airlines that operate flight services in and out of the city. These airlines include: Qantas, Freedom Air, Virgin Blue, Pacific Blue and Jetstar. You can also avail bus and train services, which are operated by Surfside Buslines and Queensland Rail respectively.


The city has a wide range of hotels and guest houses, which cater to different budgets. Whatever your budget may be, you are always likely to find something that would suit your pocket.


The nightlife in the city is very popular and therefore your Gold Coast tour plan should include visiting some of the clubs and bars. After a long days sightseeing, activities and shopping, you can visit one of the bars and enjoy the evening with music, good food, and a couple of drinks.

Weather condition in Gold Coast:

The city enjoys sub-tropical climate for which the weather is very comfortable and pleasant through out the year. The average temperature is usually within 20-degree centigrade all year long.

Rainfall is highest during summer, which starts from December and goes on till February. Because of its sub-tropical climate, the rain span is very short as the clouds and storms are of dump and run nature. The place hardly remains cloudy and gloomy for a long time, once the rain is over the sun comes back in no time.

Lets take a quick look at the weather and temperature of Gold Coast city:

December to February (Summer time) : Temperature is usually between 25C-30C.
Average temperature 25C

March to May (Autumn time) : Temperature is usually between 18C-26C.
Average temperature is 23C.

June to August (Winter time) : Temperature is usually between 13C - 21C.
Average temperature is 20C.

September to November (Spring time): Temperature is usually between 16C-25C. Average temperature is 22C.

What to carry while going for a tour to Gold Coast?

As the weather in Gold Coast is sunny most of the time it is very important that you carry sunscreen with you; you sure dont want to get tan while sunbathing on the beach, do you?

Because the place is quite sunny, you must also carry a hat.
Sunglasses are also important to comfort your eyes.
You should carry light clothes, not only because they are comfortable for the given weather but traveling light is also a bonus.
A jumper or light jacket is good enough to keep you warm in case it gets little cooler during the nights.

So, now that you have a fair idea about the city, just dont fall for any Gold Coast Tours that try to extract more money from you. Plan your trip wisely and be well on your way for a fantastic vacation, the memories of which you will cherish for a long time to come.

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Last updated on 29/10/2010
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