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Coober Pedy Tours


Australia is one of the beautiful places to visit, with myriads of activity-based tourist spots and natural formations. From valleys to deserts, Australia is a land of variety. The Coober Pedy tours in Australia will take you to the mail run, desert safaris and Opal mines. However, there are a plenty of other activities to do in Coober Pedy. Few of the tours you can opt for are as follows-

Desert Caves tour

One of the best tours of Coober Pedy is Desert Caves tour, which is mainly organized by plenty of Coober Pedy tour operators. They provide half day guided tours to the opal mines, Dingo Fence, Moon Plain and the Breakways Range. You can even plan a tour to desert caves for a week or less than that. After visiting Opal mines and noodling a little bit there, you can move to the desert caves. From there, you can visit to the Dingo Fence and the Breakways. You can stay in a luxury hotel there and can experience the best dining of Coober Pedy. The Coober Pedy Desert Cave tour primarily includes:

  • Pottery display
  • Underground church
  • Umoona Opal Museum
  • Mine and opal fields
  • Moon Plain
  • Breakways Range
  • Dingo Fence

One Day Mail Run tour from Coober Pedy to Oodnadatta

A single day will be enough for you to know and experience how it feels being a mailperson delivering mails to unfamiliar places. The single day tour from Coober Pedy to Oodnadatta and William Creek gives you a golden chance to travel with a mailperson who delivers mails to the remote settlements of Southern Australia. The mail run delivers mail to five more remote outpost cattle stations of Southern Australia along with Oodnadatta and William Creek. One of those five cattle stations is Anna Creek, which is the largest cattle station in the world. The tour will take you to an interesting journey to from the sand hills to gibber plains, to primeval inland sea bed. There are plenty of places to see and venture. You can go to Dingo Fence riding on the mail run and visit the Lake Eyre, old railway line and Oodnadatta Track. You can meet local people there and visit the William Creek Hotel’s pub. The primary attractions of this tour is- · Mail Run

  • A view of Oodnadatta
  • Oodnadatta Track
  • William Creek
  • Anna Creek
  • Aussies-the local people
  • Lake Eyre
  • sand hills
  • primeval inland sea bed
  • William Creek Hotel and Pub
  • Wildlife Safari
  • Wildlife Photography
Camel Tours and Safaris at Coward Springs

Riding on ‘Queen of Desert’, experience the vastness of Coober Pedy Deserts like never before with Coward Springs Camel Tours and Safaris. You can tour for a weeklong or can wrap it in few days, but a Camel tour will be your experience of lifetime. The camel ride will take you to the Oodnadatta Track and other old cattle station tracks near the Old Ghan railway line. The camel safaris travel in two strings of camels. The only thing you have to carry is a personal gear and you can enjoy the whole day ride with ease. Plenty of activities are here for you to do. Few of them are listed below-

  • Wildlife safaris
  • Wildlife photography
  • Animal Watching
  • Bushwalking
  • Birds watching
  • Camel Riding
  • Camping
Old Timers Mine Museum Tour

The Old Timers Mine and Museum is the one of the best tourist hotspots in Coober Pedy. The opal mine and museum houses opalized seashells and opal beams in their original form. The museum also has a life-size painting of Lady Opal.

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Last updated on 29/10/2010

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