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Fitzroy Island


Distinctively different from the scenic features of Cairns, Fitzroy Island of the Great Barrier Reef is a must inclusion in the itinerary of any recomended Cairns Tours. A part of the continental shelf within sight of the mainland, it is, in fact a peak in a subterrestrrial mountain chain that lies south of Cairns. Sprawling over 339 hectares of land, this island made out of granite, also abounds the lush Fitzroy Island National Park.

Fitzroy Island boasts exuberant rainforests and coral reefs full of colourful marine life. Being situated just off of the coast of Cairns, approximately 35 kilometer away in Far North Queensland, it is highly accessible from Cairns and incredibly relaxing longer stay. If you belong to the adventurous clan, never mind; The island with a plethora of refreational facilties offers you all opportunity for diving, swimming or snorkeling. The nude beach at the neck of the woods of the ferry wharf is ideal for swimming. So, go, enjoy the azure waves.

It takes you only 45 minutes to reach Fitzroy Island from Cairns city . Regular ferry service and helicopter facilities are in offer for you to make your job a bit easier. The ferry tickets can also get you combination bookings of the snorkeling equipment (on hire) along with a barbecue lunch and a glass bottom boat tour! So, what else could you ask for to make your Excursion to Fitzroy Island truly memorable?

At Fitzroy Island near Cairns, WA, Australia, you can hike through long stretches of serene beaches or can travel around the island by water in a sea kayak, or hire one of several kinds of boats. If money does not come your way, do go for a stylish yacht too. You can also join a small boat trip, which departs from the islands resort, if you prefer a guided trip to take you to the best of the neighboring places. A glass bottom boat tour wins hands down when it comes to such types of guided tours.

Fitzroy Island has been home to the Gungandji people for thousands of years. So on a tour to this beautiful island, you can also come across this interesting aboriginal people. Over the past 80 years several lighthouses have been established here, of which the one currently in use as an information display, was built in 1970.

Fitzroy Island Resort is the main lodhing tht offers varied accommodation facilities on the island. You can select from Beach bunkhouses or Beach cabins for a romantic stay out here.

Fitzroy Island is full of pleasant surprises. Sail ashore it and unravel all its hidden charms.

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