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Eureka Stockade Centre


Ballarat in Victoria in Australia has a good concentration of statues and they are located in the streets and parks. One of the important memorials which is situated in the Sturt Street Gardens is a bandstand and it draws a lot of tourists. There are also a good number of Parks and Gardens in Ballarat and the best among them is the Ballarat Botanical Gardens where there is a wide range of plants and trees species on display. There are also a good number of buildings in Ballarat which belong to the Victorian era. Among the important buildings mention can be made of the Town Hall, The Ballarat Fine Art Gallery, Ballarat Railway Station and the Mechanics Institute. Eureka Stockade Centre, Ballarat is one of the major Tourist attractions in Ballarat and attracts a lot of tourists.

Eureka Stockade Centre, Ballarat is situated in the eastern part of the city and is near to a very important place which has a lot of significance to the history of Australia, The Eureka Rebellion. The journey of the Eureka Stockade Centre in Ballarat began in 1998 and tries to portray the ideas of those who worked in the goal fields of Ballarat.

Eureka Stockade Centre, Ballarat tries to make us familiar with a history which is highly eventful. With the emergence of new gold mines in the region of Eureka the diggers were forced to work under uncomfortable circumstances. There was a lot of reservation over the unjustified license fees for mining and it simmered into a revolt. In the bloodbath that followed due to the crack down imposed upon by the authorities 30 unarmed diggers were killed. However, this upsurge remained as a symbol of the fight of humanity against unjust oppression and injustice.

Eureka Stockade Centre at Ballarat has an archive that consists of news letters, artifacts and is open to the public . It is one of the best places to be in because it is well facilitated. There is the Eureka Memorial at the place to honor the feat of these great men in their quest towards freedom.

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