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Ballarat Wildlife Park


Ballarat is situated in Victoria and has an urban population of nearly 88,437 persons. The region is well known for its gold reserves. The first traces of the gold reserves were found in the region as early as 1851. Ballarat is a place which has gone down to the pages of history because of the armed civil uprising which is known to the general people as the Eureka Stocade. It was originally a stock station which was set up in 1838 by William Cross Yuille and Henry Anderson. Ballarat is well linked to Melbourne with the help of state highway. There is also a high speed train service which links Melbourne to the Ballarat Railway Station. There is a rich cultural heritage in Ballarat and there is also a good display of decorative art. There are a number of Tourist attractions in Ballarat and Ballarat Wildlife Park, Ballarat ranks among the best places.

Ballarat Wildlife Park, Ballarat portrays the vision of Mr Greg Parker who had an immense love for the native reptiles and animals of Ballarat. The decision to come up with Ballarat Wildlife Park in Ballarat is the result of an extensive research which went behind the whole process. Ballarat Wildlife Park at Ballarat is near to a number of regional markets and a lot of other attractions.

Ballarat Wildlife Park, Ballarat has a total area of 32 acres and there is a wide collection of Australian reptiles and animals. There is the largest collection of reptiles among Australia in the Park. There is a Reptile House where there are more than 400 varieties of reptiles. The notable species are the snakes, frogs, lizards and snakes. Koala Enclosure is a place where you can come across 15 koalas.

Some of the important mammals available at the park are Common Wombat, Tasmanian Devil, Tasmanian Tiger, Red Kangaroo and Echinda. Among the reptiles there are a lot of Saltwater crocodile and Fresh water crocodile apart from a various other species. You can also visit a café at the park where you can find a lot of hot and cold appetizers. There is a souvenirs shop where you can buy postcards, books and CD’s.

Cheap World Tours gives detailed information on Ballarat Wildlife Park and Tourist Attractions in Ballarat.

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