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Albany Wind Farm


Albany is one of the places in Australia which is endowed with a lot of natural beauty. Some of the important locations in region are the Stirling Ranges and Mt Barker. There also the Southern Coastline which attract a good number of tourists. The city is located near the Princess Royal Harbour and is one of the old towns which lie on the West Coast. The Coastlines are exotic and from them you can watch dolphins and whales. Albany is called the ‘Heart of the Great Southern’. It is a vibrant city and is the place where the first European settlements took place in the region of Western Australia. There is also the Torndirrup National Park where there is an exotic island and places for swimming. Among the Tourist attractions in Albany, Western Australia Albany Wind Farm, Albany is one of the prime destinations.

Albany Wind Farm, Albany is situated in Western Australia and is one of the important wind power stations and has 12 wind turbines which generate nearly 21 MW of electricity. Albany Wind Farm in Albany was commissioned in 2001 and is a state of the art arrangement. The turbines used at the Albany Wind Farm at Albany are of ENERCON E-66 model. They are put on the top of 65 m long towers and the blades of the turbines are 35 metes long. The main materials used to make these turbines are Kevlar and Fibre glass.

Albany Wind Farm, Albany has nose cones which weigh nearly 14 tonnes. They are the largest turbines to be used in the southern hemisphere. They are automatically operated and the three blades used are adjusted in such a balance so that they can make a goods use of any wind conditions. They have the capacity to withstand strong wind conditions and there is also some good lighting protections.

The generator used at the Wind Farm is perfectly positioned at an elevation of 80 m above the Southern Ocean. The Turbines churn out nearly 75 % of the electricity consumption of Albany. It is managed and owned by the Western Power Corporation.

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